“March ’68” film about anti-Semitism

by Carolyn Classen, blogger THURSDAY, JANUARY 11 AT 7:00PM EVENTIVE PASSES NOT ACCEPTED “Two young students – Hania and Janek – meet and fall in love in the midst of social turmoil in 1960’s Warsaw. While the young lovers are uninterested in politics, they find themselves unable to avoid it when Hania’s parents lose their … Read more

13th Annual Loft Film Fest, Oct. 11 to 19, 2023

“Celebrating its thirteenth year in 2023, the Loft Film Fest (located in beautiful Tucson, Arizona) is dedicated to showcasing the best independent, foreign and classic films, as well as celebrating the work of established and emerging directors, writers, producers and actors. The Loft Film Fest, through its eclectic and diverse programming, aims not only to … Read more

“Oppenheimer” film about atomic bomb starts July 21, 2023 at Loft Cinema

STARTS FRIDAY, JULY 21 REGULAR ADMISSION PRICES PASSES NOT ACCEPTED 7/21 – 8/10 “Experience the new thriller from Christopher Nolan (Inception, Dunkirk), screening in glorious 70mm!  This engagement at The Loft Cinema begins Friday, July 21, and will be the exclusive 70mm run in Tucson! Writer/director Christopher Nolan’s latest film is an epic thriller that … Read more

“Biosphere” film at Loft Cinema starts on July 7, 2023

STARTS FRIDAY, JULY 7 REGULAR ADMISSION PRICES PASSES ACCEPTED “Welcome to the end of the world!  In this imaginative, twist-filled comedy, Earth appears to have been obliterated by an unexplained catastrophe. All that’s left is a bio-dome where the last two men on the planet – Billy (Mark Duplass, Safety Not Guaranteed) and Ray (Sterling … Read more