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Almost 20,000 ballots still to be counted in Pima County for PPE

“As of Wednesday morning, these are the estimated number of remaining early, provisional and conditional ballots collected at the polls. These numbers do not reflect the early ballots that were already in the process of being verified at the Recorder’s Office before the polls closed.

Early Ballots: 11,230

Provisional Ballots: 8,340

Conditional Ballots: 90

These numbers are an estimate and will change by the minute as the Elections Department begins counting the remaining ballots. Ballot counting begins at 1 p.m. today (March 25).

We will send an update once Elections has finished counting all ballots. “

Thank you,

Marcia Zamorano,Pima County Communication Specialist

(520) 724-8512 Office

(520) 448-7514 cell

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Carolyn’s note:  For the unofficial tallied votes for CD 1, CD 2 and CD 3 in Pima County for this March 22,2016 PPE, go to:https://www.electionwareresults.com/webResults/summary-138.html. 185,476 votes were cast and counted(so far).  Donald Trump (R), Hillary Clinton (D), and Jill Stein (G) are the projected winners for this Presidential Preference Election.