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1st Annual Conference on Gender-based Violence at UA

“From Betsy DeVos’s rescinding of Obama-era campus sexual assault guidelines to increasing public outcry against sexual harassment and assault, there couldn’t be a more poignant moment to discuss the most complex issues surrounding gender-based violence. At the First Annual Conference on Gender-Based Violence, we will:

-​Learn practical tools for building and participating in survivor-driven programming, activism, and advocacy
-Engage in conversation on eradicating cycles of violence and misogynistic culture
-Gain insight into how to effectively support those most vulnerable to gender-based violence

The conference will be held on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3 and SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4, at the University of Arizona Student Union. UA faculty, staff, and students, Tucson community leaders and activists, and health and legal advocates will come together to address complex issues surrounding the epidemic of gender-based violence and marginalized populations.

Workshops, keynotes, performances, and panel discussions will focus on how to build survivor-driven, intersectional activism and programs aimed at providing the best possible care to survivors while radically uprooting the social and cultural attitudes that recreate cycles of violence.

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5th Annual (and very popular) Insect Festival


The fifth annual Arizona Insect Festival will take place on Sunday, Sept. 20 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the University of Arizona. More than 20 booths on the third floor of the Student Union Memorial Center Grand Ballroom (1303 E. University Blvd.) will offer theme-based, interactive activities and exhibits about the importance of insects in our lives, and exciting UA research.

Dr. Kathleen Walker
Carolyn’s note:  What is this fascination with insects and bugs? Went to this event 2 years ago and it was standing room only (plus more).  I did try to eat a few insects at the tasting table, but wasn’t convinced to give up dessert.  Check it out with your budding entomologist kids.  I can proud to said that one of my best friends is an Entomologist.