The dark money flows to Pima County Republican Supe, Sheriff candidates


by David Safier

$133,550. That's the amount of money the "Independent Expenditure" committee Restoring Pride in Pima County has amassed to try and put its favored Republican candidates onto the Pima County Board of Supervisors and into the sheriff's office. The two groups are being accused of working illegally with Tanner Bell and Ally Miller because the candidates and the supposedly independent groups both used Tagline Media, creating too-close-for-comfort ties where there is supposed to be a complete separation.

Most of the money for Restoring Pride in Pima County comes from Arizonans for a Brighter Future, which is led by
Mike Farley, a businessman who doesn't think he's getting the sweetheart
treatment he deserves from Chuck Huckelberry and the Supes. It doesn't have to reveal where its money comes from. The next biggest contributer is Jim Click. Then comes Bruce Ash, or companies connected to him.

Let's follow the money. You can look at the Restoring Pride's financial report yourself if you wish. Here's where most of the money is coming from.

  • Arizonans for a Brighter Future: $97,500
  • Jim Click: $25,000
  • Sun Shadows Shopping Center: $2,000
  • Red Mountain Shopping Center: $1,500
  • Menlo Plaza Shopping Center: $2,000
  • Bell Parkway Plaza: $1,000
  • St. Mary's Trust: $1,000
  • Michael Farley: $900
  • Paul Ash Management Co.: $1,000
  • 3499 N. Campbell Ave: $1,500

Notice how many of the donors are shopping centers? They all list the same address, as do St. Mary's Trust and Paul Ash Management: 3499 N. Campbell Ave., Suite 907, the home of Paul Ash Management. Its President and CEO is Bruce Ash.

The vast majority of the money was spent at Tagline media, either to promote the Republican Supe candidates or knock down their Democratic opponents.

Want to help combat the dark money? (According to Talking Points Memo, 81% of the dark money spent across the country has gone to Republicans.) Work your ass off for Democratic candidates these last few days. And if you can, give a little cash to the candidates of your choice so they have some financial breathing room.