Tom Horne Welcomes the Support of Accused Child Sex Offender David Stringer

Arizona Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Nominee and ethically/legally challenged Tom Horne has chosen some dubious friends to associate himself with in his campaign to reenter public office.

In an August 3, 2022 social media post (that has since been taken down,) the former Superintendent and State Attorney General gives thanks to former State Legislator and accused child sex offender David Stringer for supporting his campaign.

Mr. Stringer also has a past record of racist white nationalist statements and was forced to resign from the State Legislature at the urging of Doug Ducey and fellow Republicans at the Capitol and in Prescott.

Mr. Horne has also received the endorsement from Trump Republican and disgraced former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The State does not need a Superintendent of Public Instruction that gives thanks to an accused child sex offender- racist white nationalist, and a Neo-Fascist law enforcement official.

Voters have a choice in 2022.

They can decide to choose the person that has had a record of legal and ethical lapses and counts among his supporters the fringiest of the fringe.


They can choose the candidate that is the career educator and has a track record of accomplishment, has governed with distinction with the goal of lifting children up, is running a clean elections campaign, and is not carrying any ethical/legal baggage.

From Kathy Hoffman Twitter Account.

It is not a difficult choice to make.


3 thoughts on “Tom Horne Welcomes the Support of Accused Child Sex Offender David Stringer”

  1. Isn’t Horne the guy who is legally forbidden to work in securities, crashed his car then drove away after a “nooner” with some staff lady, and is most famous for a baseball hat thing he did?

    Check his Wikipedia page, then google “Kathleen Winn Tom Horne” and vote your conscience.

    Gawdaaaammm the GQP is gross.

    • To clarify, Kathleen Winn was his partner in crime, Carmen Chenal was his special lady.

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