Tucson Death Cafe on Halloween


Nothing to do on Halloween/Octotber 31st? Tired of trick or treating?

Drop by spooky Himmel Park library, where the librarians all dress up in costume (or do they?) to talk about our friend Death. Be scared.

Next Tucson Death Cafe on Pearl Harbor Day anniversary.

Happy Halloween.

One response to “Tucson Death Cafe on Halloween

  1. 13 living people there at the Death Cafe tonight, including a mysterious person in black, portraying Death in a calavera mask. Topics covered were about dying with dignity, your immortality, loss of control when you are dying, the upcoming Day of the Dead/All Souls Procession, pet deaths & cemetery, deaths of friends & loved ones, a dream of a friend’s death, Elder Circles, isolation when you age and Solo Seniors. Fitting to have this cafe on Halloween, many came in costume including Isabel as a witch, a young bride, etc. And Death watched over them all, listening to the conversation. Happy Halloween. Next Tucson Death Cafe on December 7, 2016. Organizer Isabel is considering a move to the Ward 6 Council office thereafter.