Wendy Rogers’ Holiday Wish: Bring Back McCarthyism

Wendy Rogers is at it again, spewing obscene statements that rattle most people in the sane world.

As columnists like AZ Central’s EJ Montini have reported, the Arizona Legislative District (LD) Six State Senator would like to go back to the repulsive old days of McCarthyism in ridding American political influence of the so-called Soros hold on the body politic.

Rogers apparently does not know her history. McCarthyism, like the first Red Scare at the end of World War One, and other historical events like the Salem Witchcraft Trials (which Arthur Miller used as an analogy to McCarthyism in his renowned play The Crucible,) ruined innocent lives and brought shame and historical ridicule to those who ignited and spread it.

By attacking Soros, she also demonstrates that she may be an Anti-Semite.

Unfortunately, the LD Six Senator did not agree with Montini’s assessment, grounded in historical reality, of her tweet, and in the words of Coconino Democratic Party Chairperson Ann Heitland, “doubled down” by tweeting:

Heitland, whose county includes part of LD Six, commented on the latest Rogers pronouncements, stating:

“Senator Wendy Rogers is a dangerous element of spreading American fascism, which has taken hold of the Republican Party. I grew up watching my Republican aunt protest McCarthyism and can only wish there were more Republicans today like her and Liz Cheney. This is a dangerous time for our nation. Rogers is not just an embarrassment to our military services and to the Arizona Senate but worse, she’s a dangerous leader of the traitorous element festering in our democracy.” 
Before and since getting elected to the Arizona State Senate in 2020, Wendy Rogers has continually demonstrated, through her words and actions, that she is not suited for public service. She has supported the big lie that Donald Trump won the 2020 elections, cheered on the domestic terrorists that launched the attack on the Nations Capitol on January 6, 2021,  been accused of harassing one of her staffers, and called the COVID 19 vaccine “The Mark of the Beast.”

Arizonans do not need that type of person shaping public policy in the Arizona State Legislature.

Vote her out in 2022 and shun her from public life like Senators and voters did to Joe McCarthy after his reign of terror in the 1950’s.