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Blog for Arizona: New Features!

Blog for ArizonaBlog for Arizona readers don’t come here for flash. You come here for wide-ranging political content that is not driven by advertising revenue.

Today, we made a few upgrades to the site to facilitate finding the years worth of blog posts that reside here.

At multiple events around town, activists sing the praises of Blog for Arizona‘s Community Calendar, which is maintained by Carolyn Classen, and of the AZ Blue Meanie’s Sunday morning Political Calendar.

To make the Community Calendar more visible, we have added a list of upcoming events to the home page. The full Community Calendar still can be found by clicking on the calendar tab at the top of the home page. Additional Community stories can be found by clicking “Community” in the word cloud. Clicking “Political Calendar” in the word cloud, will take you to the AZ Blue Meanie’s Sunday posts.

We also have added a Blog Post Calendar widget to the home page. This handy item helps readers find blog posts from a specific day– for example the popular political cartoons, also posted on Sunday mornings by the AZ Blue Meanie, or perhaps you want to see blog posts from election day, just click on the date.

The VOTE! section has been updated, with links to the Arizona Legislature, Arizona House Membership, Arizona Senate Membership, Capitol TV Video feed and archives, and bill tracking. Now it’s easier to keep an eye on what’s happening in Phoenix.

Last but not least, we welcome blogger Larry Bodine to Blog for Arizona. He has already written some block buster posts about the political races and the Koch Brothers Freedom School at the UA. He and education activist Linda Lyon are the two newest bloggers at BfAZ.

State Committee: On the Road to Kingman (video)

On the roadMany Democratic Party faithful are hitting the road for Kingman today to attend the State Committee Meeting of the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP). The big doings this weekend will be election of Arizona’s Democratic Party “Super Delegates” to the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

Anyone following presidential politics has heard about the “Super Delegates” and their sway on decisions at the national level– from who they back for President to their power in choosing the head of the DNC. (DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been under a lot of fire lately for the short and oddly-scheduled presidential debates and other controversies.) It wasn’t until I read this blog post by the Arizona Eagletarian that I realized the DNC representatives we State Committee Members elect periodically are our “Super Delegates”.  This puts our vote into a whole new light! (For the record, I don’t buy the conspiracy theory in the Eagletarian’s article about the location of the meeting. Far too many State Committee Meetings have been in Maricopa County.)

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Fred DuVal Interview on Arizona Illustrated

In case you missed it, last Friday Jim Nintzel interviewed Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal on Arizona Illustated. Check it out!

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Blog for Arizona Has New Look, Improved Functionality

ColumnTopBlog for Arizona– Arizona’s longest running and most prolific political blog– has transitioned into the modern era of mobile communication with a new look and greater functionality on Word Press.

Nearly 20,000 blog posts by 11 authors have been transported from TypePad to Word Press– a gargantuan task. Special thanks to Dave Safier (who was with Blog for Arizona when we started this project) who worked with TypePad, Word Press, and Go Daddy on the technical aspect of the transfer. I worked with Safier and BfAZ founder Michael Bryan to create the new masthead and the HTML for some of the features. (If you knew how long it has been since I coded HTML and how little I know of CCS, you’d be really impressed. I want to add a special shout out to the technical support offered by

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Hypocrisy, Thy Name is America

Posted by Michael Bryan

Not only is the reaction to the Occupy movement in America short-sighted and repressive, it is antithetical to our stated foreign policy goals. Already we have seen the security forces of Egypt cite American treatment of Occupiers as justification for their own repression.

The Tea Party and the Occupy Movement, while by no means springing from the exact same grievances, do indicate a fundamental political dissatisfaction among Americans that is being addressed by neither political party effectively. Both are angry that the needs and priorities of the common man are seldom expressed, and almost never served by our political system, corrupted as it is by mountains of plutocratic bribes.

At base, the demand for a voice in the affairs of one's own nation, for the political means to secure economic dignity and fairness for the common citizen, are the foundation of both right- and left-wing protest movements in America, as well as those across the Middle East. How we treat a protestors occupying a park here in America should model how we expect protestors in Damascus and Tehran to be treated.

We are not doing a credible job of being the leader of the free world.

Brewer Can’t Even Prevaricate Effectively

LynchlawOn Fox News Radio, Jan Brewer was interviewed about why she removed Mathis from the IRC. Her response is incredibly inarticulate. The woman can't even convincingly explain her actions!

Click here for the audio clip (plays on a Fox News website).

Pitiful and risable. Brewer should be recalled for this ham-fisted and poorly executed intimidation of the IRC.

Note to Parraz: aim higher than Sherrif Joe.

Note to Brewer: if you are going to be a conniving thug, try to at least be clever about it. At minimum, practice your obsfucations before getting in front of a live mic, so that you don't sound like a blithering idiot.

I was dumbfounded by something Tom Zlacket wrote in his reply to Brewer's response to Mathis' request to intervene in the pending lawsuit by the IRC (which the Court granted, BTW). Zlacket is a former member of the Arizona Supreme Court, and a Republican appointee at that (although I can't claim to know Zlacket's personal politics very well). He wrote the following about the Mathis lynching:

"For what it may be worth, in more than 46 years at the Bar, the undersigned has never witnessed a more blatant attempt to tamper and directly intimidate constitutional officers in their independent work. This case involves the ultimate "dirty trick."

It is rather extraordinary for any attorney to state such a personal opinion in a filing. For one of Zlacket's stature and experience to do so carries great significance – and will certainly not be overlooked by the current Justices. For Zlacket to personally comment like this, he must be deeply disgusted and outraged by the actions of the Mayberry Machiavellians on the 9th floor and the Arizona State Senate, and must want everyone to know it.

The maundering and tautological justifications babbled by Brewer are not going to stand up to the condemnation of people of Zlacket's calibre.