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Ducey joins Scott Walker in demanding ability to drug test food stamp recipients

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Drug Test

For some reason it has escaped notice here in Arizona, but Governor Doug Ducey put his name on a letter from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL), who chairs the Agriculture Subcommittee in Congress, about the supposed need to drug test SNAP recipients so as to break their “dependence on government”.

Dear Mr. Aderholt:

As you know, multiple states have recently enacted drug-testing provisions as part of the state-based requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, otherwise known as SNAP or food stamps. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service administers this program at the federal level, but disagrees with these drug-testing efforts.

We believe that Congress specifically gave states the flexibility to decide whether to implement this common-sense reform in the 1996 Welfare Reform Act. This Act provides that “States shall not be prohibited by the Federal Government from testing welfare recipients for use of controlled substances nor from sanctioning welfare recipients who test positive for use of controlled substances.” 21 U.S.C. § 862(b). Continue reading

That one comment that makes it all clear

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This guy.

The competition for Worst GOP Arizona Legislator Ever is stiff these days, given Rep. David Gowan’s not-smart snit toward reporters having the temerity to *gasp* report on things he’s doing. That’s pretty bad but, purely on the basis of shocking callousness, I’m going to have to go with Senate President Andy Biggs (pictured), who is currently running for Congress, while refusing to consider a bill that would provide health care to 30,000 Arizona children from low income families.

EJ Montini finds it to be pretty appalling:

Since the beginning of the legislative session Senate President Andy Biggs — who won a $10 million Publishers Clearing House prize a few years back – has refused to give Arizona’s hard-luck poor kids the health care they deserve. Continue reading

Cathi Herrod’s outrage over the FDA is yet another exposition of the narcissism, authoritarianism at the heart of the anti-choice movement

monica miller
What, you thought it was about “saving babies”?

Thanks to the 1992 Supreme Court decision, Planned Parenthood v Casey, that made a “mess” of jurisprudence around abortion, GOP-led states have had largely free reign to pass intrusive restrictions on women’s health care under the guise of “health and safety”. While these laws are sometimes blocked by courts, anti-choicers continue to revive them, wasting millions of dollars in the process, in the hopes of exhausting opponents and/or getting more favorable court decisions as Republicans continue to stack the nation’s courts with ideologically friendly judges.

One such law was Arizona’s requirement that abortion doctors use outdated FDA protocol in dispensing abortion pills. The original label from 2000 recommended use of the pills only until the seventh week of pregnancy. But FDA guidelines are not laws and physicians commonly experiment with different levels and uses of medication to do what’s best for their patients. This is typical with many types of medications, not just for abortion. Arizona anti-choicers first tried to override the judgment of doctors on medication abortion in 2012, but were thwarted in court. This year, under Governor Doug Ducey, who is arguably even more anti-choice than his predecessor Jan Brewer, they brought it back as SB1324, which Ducey signed last week. Continue reading

Anti-choice leaders are lying as part of “strategy”. Believe that.

More like Lie Site

This Life Site News article I linked to yesterday continues to get comments (more than a hundred now) and most of them express vehement opposition to the article’s thesis that the anti-abortion movement is not interested in prosecuting women. It appears that plenty of loyal readers of the site very much want to punish women and are offended by the suggestion that they don’t.

Here’s one comment, among the many, from an irate rank-and-file anti-choicer who bristles at the notion of letting women who murder their unborn children (in her opinion) escape from criminal liability:

All these many years I have considered myself pro-life, only now to be told by professional pro-lifers that I am most definitely not. How disappointing…

I’m sure somewhere in 126 comments it has already been said, but I do not understand this view that all women seeking abortion are ‘victims’. As a woman, I find this highly insulting. Certainly some women are coerced and threatened into procuring abortion, especially very young women and this must be taken into account, (and punish the one guilty of coercing her to the fullest extent!) but far too many women merely use abortion as birth control, many of them guilty of multiple abortions. I reject the claim that these women bear no responsibility for the murder of their own offspring. Factor in the advent of ultrasound and internet and it is even hard to give the benefit of the doubt that they are truly ignorant of the life growing within them not being merely a ‘clump of cells’. (The main reason PP hates ultrasound requirements and informed consent laws) Even Dorito’s commercials erode the chance of ignorance! They almost certainly know that it is a human life that they are taking, or are willfully ignorant. Continue reading

The punishment that awaits women in Arizona for abortion


If you haven’t watched it yet, the Thursday night Rachel Maddow abortion segment is a must-see for how brilliantly the MSNBC anchor eviscerates the disingenuous claim by the glib professional anti-choicers that they don’t intend to make criminals of women under criminal abortion bans and for how she takes the Beltway pundit class to task for the way they have allowed said glib professional anti-choicers to lie flagrantly about that in response to Donald Trump’s comments indicating his support for punishing women at a town hall on Wednesday.

But the Beltway knuckleheads aren’t the only ones deserving of a stern tongue-lashing. There are several prominent media people here in Arizona who were all too eager to run with some bullshit Planned Parenthood “sting” videos, produced by known anti-choice lying creeps, last summer. That was some highly titillating stuff for them, warranting several TV spots, angst-ridden newspaper editorials, and the burning question of whether Planned Parenthood was “toxic” to Dem electeds on the Sunday Square Off political show. Strangely, there’s been no mention this Trump statement in local media, despite the winner of the Arizona GOP Presidential primary (by a lot) having been endorsed by such luminaries as Joe Arpaio and Jan Brewer. Continue reading

Presidential candidate Trump calls for punishing women for abortion, to the surprise of no one who has actually paid attention to anti-choicers

It never fails.

That was an anti-abortion organization in response to Donald Trump’s statement that women should suffer “some kind of punishment” for abortion on MSNBC. Here’s someone with a very good question for the March For Life:

Here’s me weighing in, because I pay attention to this issue: Continue reading