Countdown: What Are the Most Effective Things To Do?


Did you know that ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ was a slogan of the British in 1939?  And we are not even being bombed here, so surely we can do the same.

This post is of the no-frills variety.  I know almost all readers of this post are already doing a lot – thank you for that!  Having a central list of the most effective things will let us share notes, as there is no time to lose.  Here is what I have.  Please add what you think is most effective with links or info.

  1. Canvas.
    The last weekend before the election is especially important.
  2. Call.  We all hate to make calls.  Do it anyway.
  3. Postcard.  Handwritten postcards are statistically shown to increase voter turnout.  will give you national ones, or get local addresses from a campaign.  Sharon Girard’s campaign (LD8) will give you addresses if you ask Campaigns – give me your email to request postcard addresses and I will add it here!  Postcard parties with friends are a fun and relaxing way to help.
  4. Check on your friends is a very quick way to check your contacts to see if they have voted.
  5. Donate what you can afford.
  6. Drive voters to the polls on election day.  In Tucson the action will start at 6AM and continue until polls close.  Location TBD, check back here for updates or call the coordinated campaign (602) 298-4200.
  7. Write Letters to the Editor.  Write in sKeep Calm and Carry Onupport of our candidates.  Highlight specific issues you care about.  Reach the people who are not on social media!  Here are 10 letter to the editor pages in Arizona.
  8. Hand out Flyers on College Campuses.  Many students do not know that they can vote early right on campus.  Here is a flyer for the University of Arizona.
  9. Canvas anytime, anywhere with the Minivan 7 app.  Contact your Indivisible rep or for the codes.  See how we snuck canvas in twice?
  10. Social Media is probably not the most effective thing at this point, but when you only have a little time it is there.  Sometimes I find potential voters asking where to vote, or if their identification has to match the address where they are registered, etc.  Also you can share this list 🙂






  1. Great article . Here is a video of a Nurse who was arrested , handcuffed put in jail , all charges dropped. BUT the AZ board of nursing would not drop the charges. Shameful , please tell every nurse you know to support Senator Barto the ONLY politician who is helping nurses and fighting this corruption !

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