Gov. Brewer pisses away your tax dollars on yet another frivolous lawsuit

brewer_hateThe Wicked Witch of the West is out the door on January 5, 2015. But before she leaves, Governor Jan Brewer has directed the state to piss away your tax dollars on yet another frivolous lawsuit, because she really hates people breathing while brown, and she wants to give a boney middle-finger to that Black man in the White House again.

The New York Times reported yesterday that the state of Texas will lead a coalition of 17 states challenging President Obama’s executive orders on immigration in federal court. 17 States Suing on Immigration.

I was surprised to read that Arizona was not among the states reported: states joining the lawsuit were Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Mississippi and Maine.

The governor-elect of Texas, Greg Abbott, is seeking to replace Governor Jan Brewer as the heartthrob of the xenophobic nativist and racist anti-immigrant base of the GOP.

This did not sit well with out hater-in-chief, who loves the limelight of the anti-immigrant hysteria in the conservative media entertainment complex — she needs this media attention to shake down the rubes for contributions to her JAN-PAC.

So Brewer decided to join the lawsuit as she is packing up her things and heading out the door. The Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required) reports, Brewer joins multistate lawsuit against Obama immigration order:

Gov. Jan Brewer is signing on to a 17-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of President Obama’s recent order deferring deportation for millions of illegal immigrants.

The lawsuit, led by Texas, alleges that Obama is violating his constitutional duty to enforce the law. The coalition is asking a federal court in southern Texas to declare Obama’s order illegal.

“As a border state bearing the brunt of our nation’s immigration system – a crisis exacerbated by the president’s reckless immigration policies and refusal to enforce the law – our state and our citizens have had enough,” Brewer said in a press statement. “President Obama has exceeded his power as clearly defined in the United States Constitution and federal law and deliberately ignored the will of the American people. Such federal overreach cannot stand.”

Ill get you my pretty, you and your little dog too!”

The president’s executive orders were carefully crafted and are on sound legal foundation and precedent, wingnut hysteria notwithstanding. Legal basis for Executive Orders on immigration. Governor Brewer, who frequently loses in court pursuing her partisan witch hunts, doesn’t care about the law or even the chance of success of this lawsuit. It is all about fundraising off of the rubes for contributions to her JAN-PAC, and maintaining her visibility in the conservative media entertainment complex.

Doug Ducey will inherit multiple illegal immigration-related lawsuits from Brewer. She is also battling a suit against her order on driver’s licenses, which Ducey has vowed to continue. A federal judge has declared the order unconstitutional, but Brewer has asked the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to allow her executive order to stand while the state appeals the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dicey Doug Ducey and his new Attorney General, Mark “I’d like to buy a vowel” Brnovich are just as ideologically partisan as Jan Brewer. They will continue to piss away your tax dollars pursuing these ideologically motivated frivolous lawsuits. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

6 responses to “Gov. Brewer pisses away your tax dollars on yet another frivolous lawsuit

  1. captain*arizona

    The emancipation proclamation was an executive order. Can you imagine the effect if all democrats put on a bumper sticker on their cars :republicans are evil racists!. for the super bowl!

  2. “The president’s executive orders were carefully crafted and are on sound legal foundation and precedent, wingnut hysteria notwithstanding”

    Could you give us the number(s) on those executive orders?

  3. @Patricia,

    Exactly and Mr. Ducey plans on fighting that in the courts as well when he is governor. So even more millions pissed away in losing court battles.

  4. $1.3 billion owed to schools.