What’s Pissing Off AZ BlueMeanie Now?

WASHINGTON — A band of conservative rebels on Friday revolted and blocked House Republicans’ short-term funding bill to keep the government open, delivering a political blow to Speaker Kevin McCarthy and likely cementing the chances of a painful government shutdown that is less than 48 hours away. Twenty-one rebels, led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., a conservative bomb-thrower and … Read more

What’s Pissing Off the AZ BlueMeanie Recently?

They charged Hunter Biden for this, so charge Trump, too. Or maybe there really is a ‘two-tier justice system’ in this country, just not the way the GOP has weaponized that phrase to suggest it is wealthy white ex-Presidents and conservatives who get the short end of that stick. Next! Speaking of ‘two-tiered’ justice in … Read more

Trump’s Plan To Turn The Department Of Justice Into His Personal Police Force For ‘Retribution’ Against His Political Opponents

Update to ‘Orange Mafia’ Don Trump’s Plan To Turn The Federal Government Into His Fascist Criminal Enterprise in 2025 (snippet): Jonathan Swan in an extremely lengthy (but a must read) deep-dive investigative report at Axios reports, A radical plan for Trump’s second term: Former President Trump’s top allies are preparing to radically reshape the federal government if … Read more

Part 1: The New Era Of McCarthyism – Smearing Joe Biden With Unsubstantiated Innuendo And Lies

While most Americans came to their senses and eventually rejected the “red scare” tactics of Sen Joseph McCarthy and his sidekick lawyer Roy Cohn, many Republicans to this day still embrace Joseph McCarthy as a hero and a role model. Smearing people with unsubstantiated innuendo and lies has remained a Republican tactic ever since the … Read more