Minority Elected Officials in Southern Arizona

Someone asked me recently about who are the minority politicians in Southern Arizona. So here’s my list (which is not comprehensive, as I didn’t list Town of South Tucson nor the Native American tribes – where they are the majority), so please let me know by commenting below if I forgot anyone.

Hispanic  Americans:

Raul Grijalva, CD 3 Congressman

Richard Elias, D 5 Pima County Supervisor

Ramon Valadez, D 2 Pima County Supervisor

F. Ann Rodriguez, Pima County Recorder

Olivia Cajero Bedford, LD 3 State Senator

Macario Saldate, LD 3 House

Rosanna Gabaldon, LD 2 House

Daniel Hernandez Jr., LD 2 House

Regina Romero, Ward 1 Councilwoman

Richard Fimbres, Ward 5 Councilman

Luis Gonzales, PCC Governing Bd. (District 5)

Adelita Grijalva, TUSD Governing Board (Raul’s daughter)

Eva Carrillo Dong, Sunnyside School District Governing Board

Robert Jaramillo, Sunnyside Schooil District Governing Board

Beki Quintero, Sunnyside School District Governing Board

Native Americans:

Sally Ann Gonzales , LD 3 House

Asian Pacific Americans:

Satish Hiremath, Mayor of Oro Valley

Sylvia Lee, PCC Governing Board (District 3)

Herb Kai, Town of Marana Councilman

LGBTQ community:

Daniel Hernandez Jr. (aforementioned, LD 2 House Rep.)

Karin Uhlich, Ward 3 Councilwoman (outgoing)

Paul Durham, Ward 3 Councilman (incoming)

Demion Clinco, PCC Governing Board (District 2)

Meredith Hay, PCC Governing Board (District 4)

For more info about elected officials in Arizona, refer to the the League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson (LWVGT) in their 2017 “A Citizen’s Directory of Elected Officials”:




2 Responses to Minority Elected Officials in Southern Arizona

  1. Valid point made today at Race + Justice community forum at TMA that there are no Black elected officials in Pima County or Southern AZ.

  2. Carolyn Classen

    There used to be two African American politicians in town, Ward 4 Councilman Chuck Ford and Marana Town Councilman Russell Clanagan.

    More info on who served on Tucson City Council: http://pocobravo.com/mayor-council-history-1960-today/