Christian Zealots Use Their Privileged Access to the Arizona Senate Chamber for Weird Sectarian Rites

As reported by AZCentral: Well, this is… creepy. Zealots kneel and lay hands on the State Seal while chanting and wailing uncannily while the leader invokes a magic spell intended to invoke the presence of their deity in the public’s Senate chamber. A weird cult? An ancient hidden coven of ritual magic practitioners? No. Just … Read more

UPDATED: A Few Thoughts on the State of Abortion in Arizona Today and Through November

My first thought is that the situation Arizona’s women, their families, and caregivers have been left in by this decision by the Arizona Supreme Court (AZSC) is appalling, inhumane, and utterly unacceptable to the vast majority of Arizonans. Therefore, this will not stand. Arizona’s voters will enshrine the right to abortion care consistent with the … Read more

Bless Your Hearts, MAGA Doomsayers Betting Against Arizona and Biden! TSMC Arizona is On-Track to Full Capacity Production by the End of 2024.

I read economist Noah Smith’s Substack Newsletter Noahpinion pretty regularly. Today he had an interesting observation about an economic story that will transform Arizona’s economy in coming years: For over a year, along with many other writers who follow industrial policy, I sounded the alarm that the much-trumpeted TSMC fab in Arizona was way behind schedule. Here’s The Economist … Read more

Arizona is the Super-Battleground Epicenter of the 2024 Election. And That’s Great News!

There are very few places where the battle for control of the Presidency, the U.S. Congress, and for control of a state legislature overlap more tightly than in Tucson’s northern suburbs and exurbs. That makes the jurisdictions in and around the Southern Arizona region, such as Arizona’s 6th Congressional District (CD6), and the 16th and … Read more

On April 23rd You Can Meet Two Democrats Who Will Flip Control of the AZ Senate with Arizona List!

Most regular readers will know that I am a supporter and member of Arizona List. I deeply believe in their mission and support their excellent work and ROI for donors’ contributions, and believe strongly that they align with one of the greatest strengths of the Democratic Party: our vision of women at the forefront of … Read more