AZGOP Senate Decides Taxpayers Will Pay $90K Salary for Their AZGOP Chairperson

Most people haven’t a clue who runs the state Democratic or Republican Parties. Very few actually care because these are not government positions: they aren’t elected by taxpayers; they aren’t paid by taxpayers – they are private employees and officers of the private organizations that are our state political parties… Except when they aren’t, apparently. … Read more

You Are Invited! Tucson House Party for Joshua Polacheck for Arizona Corporation (Climate) Commission on June 19th!

If you are a regular reader of BlogForArizona, you probably know that I think the Arizona Corporation Climate Commission is a BFD. We have an exciting opportunity this year to take control of the ACC in a single election cycle by electing Democrats to all three of the seats up for election this cycle (of … Read more

Written Answers for Today’s Pima County Treasurer’s Debate

Curt and I offered to publish the written answers to Curt’s debate questions prior to the debate today. Both candidates were given the questions in advance in order to provide the most comprehensive answers with any references the candidates wished to cite. As of time of publication, we have not received Sami Hamed’s answers (we … Read more

Pima County Treasurer Debate, Saturday At 3pm: Democratic Primary Candidates Sami Hamed & Brian Johnson

Please join the Tucson Agenda and The Democrats of Greater Tucson for a live and in-person Democratic debate for Pima County Treasurer candidates Sami Hamed and Brian Johnson on Saturday, June 8th at 3pm to 5pm at the Flowing Wells Library(1730 West Wetmore Road). Moderating the debate will be local reporter Curt Pendergast of the Tucson Agenda SubStack Newsletter. Get Tickets … Read more

Arizona’s #MAGAGOP Extremists Are Misbehaving Like Spoiled Children Abusing the Family Credit Card

I wonder if anyone else has noticed how petulant and oppositional-defiant the MAGA crew running the Arizona Legislature are behaving? Given control of the public purse they’ve run the state into an almost $2 billion deficit in just one year with unpopular and out-of-control voucher scheme for the wealthiest in Arizona. Now they are demanding … Read more