Our Democratic LD18 Legislative Team Launches Reelection Campaign

Here in Tucson, the mighty LD18 (D+20) team of state legislators, Sen. Priya Sundareshan, Reps. Chris Mathis and Nancy Gutierrez launched their 2024 reelection campaign from Ft. Lowell Park in the heart of the district. They are running as a slate (you can make donations to the entire team here) and I haven’t heard any … Read more

The Real Juan Ciscomani is Simply CiscoMAGA: Anti-Abortion Absolutist.

You need to know who Juan Ciscomani REALLY is: Many independent Arizona voters here in Southern Arizona voted in good faith for a moderate Republican in 2022. That’s not what they got. They got a religious fanatic intent on forcing his religious views onto the women of Arizona and America. That is not what the … Read more

Rep. Eli Crane Praises Sen. Tubervilles’ Destruction of our Military Readiness

I’m consistently unimpressed by the performance of Arizona’s newest United States Representative, Eli Crane. The man was a special forces operator, so I have tried hard to see any benefit from his direct combat experience being brought to bear on his work, but I consistently fail to see it. Instead, I find nothing but anti-vax … Read more

With the Cochise County Election Deniers Under Indictment, Now is the Time to Show Support For Anne Carl for Cochise Recorder!

Take a look inside the Tucson fundraiser for Anne Carl for Cochise County Recorder, and please consider a donation of any amount to support her in unseating a MAGA election denier. Set down a marker that attacking our elections is a ruinous tactic ANYWHERE in Arizona!