Scott Fistler (sham Cesar Chavez) tossed from ballot

The Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required) reports, Cesar Chavez tossed from 7th District ballot:

Cesar Chavez, formerly GOP candidate Scott Fistler, was barred from running in Arizona’s 7th Congressional District after a judge tossed more than 700 signatures he collected in an attempt to qualify for the Democratic primary election.

Chavez successfully defended himself against three of the four counts brought against him by Alejandro Chavez, the grandson of Hispanic labor icon Cesar Chavez. But Chavez provided little fight against testimony from the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office that 711 of the 1,455 signatures he collected were signed by unqualified electors in the district.

With hundreds of signatures disqualified, Chavez fell 295 signatures short of the threshold necessary to have his name on the CD 7 ballot in August.

Jim Barton, Alejandro Chavez’s attorney, withdrew a claim that the name change was done to intentionally confuse and deceive voters in CD7. And Judge Rea ruled that the plaintiffs failed to prove that Chavez committed fraud while circulating petitions or submitted nonconforming petitions forms.

Chavez vowed to appeal the ruling the Supreme Court, which he must do by June 27, according to Judge Rea.

Dude, you didn’t contest the signatures disqualified, and you are 295 signatures short — you have no grounds for an appeal. Save yourself the attorneys fees and costs, and go the hell away.

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