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A reform agenda for voting rights

The Arizona Secretary of State emailed me a missive entitled “Preparing For The Future of Voter Registration” in which she says:

MicheleReaganArizona is using an aging, cumbersome voter registration system that could potentially expose the identities and voting behavior of millions of citizens. County election personnel are bogged down engaging in manual processes in order to perform the most fundamental requirements of their job. It’s time to be proactive and take steps to improve efficiency and better ensure our data is secure.

Over the past several months our office has undertaken a complete top-to-bottom review of the more-than decade old registration system. While election officials around the state are well aware of its technological limitations, we’ve come to better understand the unique challenges that will face future election officials as well. As the number of voters continues to grow, the time has come to prepare for the future.

Once we finalize our assessment, we’ll begin working with our county partners to develop a plan for the future. That future must include 21st century cybersecurity protections and a registration system that makes it easier for elections staff to process basic information efficiently.

Election officials around the state have begun the process to transform the way we do business internally, as well as how we will deliver services to voters in the future. I’m looking forward to help spearhead the process and partner with our local officials to usher in this new era.

You will note that the Secretary’s focus is entirely on “a registration system that makes it easier for elections staff to process basic information efficiently,” not on a registration system that makes it easier for citizens to register and to vote.

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So. Arizona General Election 2016 results – updated

For full statewide results go to Arizona Secretary of State website, https://www.azsos.gov/.  Pima County additional results at www.pima.gov/elections.  Prop 205 (marijuana) is losing, Prop. 206 (minimum wage) is winning.

Listed below are unofficial results for Congressional Districts 1, 2, 3, Arizona Senate & House races in Southern Arizona, Pima County races, Pima Community College and  Tucson Unified School District Governing Board.

UPDATES:  Close races in LD 2 House, LD 10 House, TUSD Governing Board (for 3rd seat). See info below.  Looks like LD 2 House race is decided.

CD 1 House (open seat)

Paul Babeu (R)  90,101

Tom O’Halleran (D)  109,001

Parrish, Ray (G) 11,968

CD 2 House

Dr. Matt Heinz (D)  113,715

Martha McSally (R), incumbent  149,184

CD 3 House

Raul Grijalva (D), incumbent  106,466

 LD 2 Senate

Andrea Dalessandro (D) incumbent  29,783

Shelley Kais (R)  21,813

 LD 2 House (2 seats) – updated, gap is widening

Chris Ackerley (R), incumbent  25,689

Rosanna Gabaldon (D), incumbent  29,056

Daniel Hernandez Jr. (D)  28,635

 LD 3 Senate

Olivia Cajero Bedford (D) incumbent  37,792

 LD 3 House (2 seats)

Edward “Trey” Cizek III (G)  7,928

Sally Gonzales (D), incumbent  32,542

Macario Saldate (D), incumbent  25,118

 LD 9 Senate 

Steve Farley (D) incumbent  56,717

 LD 9 House (2 seats, one open)

Dr.Randy Friese (D), incumbent  43,287

Pam Powers Hannley (D)  38,295

Ana Henderson (R) 34,690

 LD 10 Senate

David Bradley (D) incumbent  41,572

Randall Phelps (R)  35,518

 LD 10 House (2 seats, one open)  TOO CLOSE TO CALL — MAY HAVE TO RECOUNT – updated

Todd Clodfelter (R)  40,011

Kirsten Engel (D)  40,350

Stefanie Mach (D), incumbent  39,831

 LD 11 Senate

Ralph Atchue (D)  30,973

Steve Smith (R), incumbent  44,444

 LD 11 House (2 seats)

Mark Finchem (R), incumbent  39,573

Corin Hammond (D)  32,494

Vince Leach (R), incumbent  36,972

 LD 14 Senate

Jaime Alvarez (D)  28, 310

Gail Griffin (R) incumbent  47,266

LD 14 House (2 seats – open)

Mike Holmes (D)  24,840

Drew John (R)   43,854

Jason Lindstrom (D)  24,225

Becky Nutt (R)  41,998

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Secretary of State warns against vigilante poll observers on election day

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan is warning not to engage in illegal conduct on election day.   Secretary of state issues warnings about behavior at polls on election day:

Seeking to avoid confrontation between voters and self-styled poll watchers, Secretary of State Michele Reagan warned Wednesday what will and will not be tolerated at polling places next week.

Some of what Reagan outlined is already law, like who can remain inside polling places and a ban on photos and videos there. And she reiterated that there is no electioneering within 75 feet.

But the key is her warnings of what is unacceptable to occur outside that 75-foot perimeter, an area where partisans can watch and even try to influence voters.

trumpintimidationHer list includes everything from demanding that prospective voters must provide credentials and erecting signs listing the penalty for voter fraud to the “aggressive or ostentatious display of weapons.”

The warning comes amid claims by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that the election is “rigged” and that people who are not citizens will be casting ballots.

Trump has repeatedly suggested his supporters need to personally keep an eye on what is happening at polling places. That includes statements at one rally to “check out areas because a lot of bad things happen, and we don’t want to lose for that reason.”

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Political topography of Arizona

Arizona Secretary of State voter registration  totals as of Aug. 30, 2016:

7 of 15 Arizona Counties have more Democrats registered than Republicans in:Apache, Coconino, Greenlee, Navajo, Pima, Santa Cruz, Yuma Counties.

If you’re wondering where these counties are, here’s a map of the 15 counties. So most of the Democratic counties are in the Northeast and Southern areas of the state.


Pima County has only about 30,800 more Democrats registered than Republicans (179,043 to 148,215), with 159,929 Independents/Others.

Maricopa County has about 176,000 more Republicans than Democrats.  Note that Pima County”s registered Democrats is 179,000, slightly more than that difference in voters (Ds and Rs) in Maricopa County/Phoenix alone.

More info at: http://apps.azsos.gov/election/voterreg/2016-08-01.pdf

State-wide voter totals show more Republicans than Democrats or Independents:

Democrats: 1,019,050

Republicans: 1,185,023

Others: 1,164,373

And who is Arizona’s independent voter? Read my previous post from last November, 2015:


Oops! She did it again! Michele Reagan screws up voter publicity pamphlets

Secretary of State Michele Reagan, the queen of election screw-ups, has done it again.

The Green Valley News reports that thousands of voter publicity pamphlets mailed to homes in Southern Arizona are missing dozens of pages. Incomplete election pamphlets to be resent to voters:

MicheleReaganArizona Secretary of State’s office spokesman Matt Roberts said the office received several phone calls and emails Wednesday afternoon about missing pages and then heard from the company that printed them, acknowledging the error.

“The printer just reached out to us and it appears there are some missing pages, or in some cases the publicity pamphlets had some assembly problems,” Roberts said.
The printer, Trend Offset of California, said Thursday it appears a mix-up followed by a quality-control breakdown resulted in “no more than 14,000 pamphlets” with errors, according to the Secretary of State’s office. It said four of 600 sample checks contained errors.

The company traced the problem to one delivery truck carrying 68,108 pamphlets that serviced Tucson, Nogales, Sierra Vista, Green Valley and other Southern Arizona locations.

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Secretary of State Michele Reagan screws up again

On Monday I read this blurb from the AP that Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s office says her technology team has launched an enhanced website to show voting returns from all 15 counties Tuesday night in real-time. New Arizona election reporting system to debut Tuesday.

My first thought was, “Oh no! Something else Michele Reagan can screw up this year.”

So how did it go? Just as you would expect from the queen of election screw-ups. ‘Error’: Arizona’s new elections site struggles in debut:

MicheleReaganThe Secretary of State’s Office, which oversees statewide elections, was supposed to be issuing the early results of races across the state close to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Instead, the website produced this message: “Error.”

The website continued to intermittently produce results throughout the night, occasionally producing messages saying, “This site can’t be reached” and “Service unavailable.”

A spokesman for Secretary of State Michele Reagan, when asked about the error messages around 8 p.m., told The Arizona Republic the office was “working on” the issues.

Hours later, Matt Roberts told The Republic he couldn’t say with certainty the root of the problems. He said it was unclear whether website traffic contributed to the problem, but issues uploading files from some county recorders delayed results.

You probably should start with your office’s “technology team” that built your web site.

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