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Help support independent Kore Press

“For 24 years, the dedicated staff at Kore, an independent publishing house & literary justice organization, has worked to ensure that women, people of color, queer & trans folks, & other marginalized voices have a forum. This Fall, Kore commits to groundbreaking writing by black women, a Holocaust survivor, & women’s memoirs to keep the arts expansive. With steady threats to vital funding sources, Kore is turning to lovers of literature & justice to sustain its vital work.”

They are hosting an Indiegogo campaign to raise $20,000 to keep their presses running.  So far over $1900 by 22 donors have pledged their monetary support to Kore Press.  Donate here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/people-powered-publishing-at-kore-press-women#/.

More info at website: https://korepress.org/. “Literary justice, empowering women”.

New magazine in town: The Time is Meow!

There is a new magazine in Tucson!

“Hello fellow desert dweller!

Whether you were born and raised in Tucson, or its weird, dusty awesomeness stole your heart during a visit, you know how uniquely special our city and surrounding region is. We do, too!

MEOW Magazine is a fiercely independent, multimedia* lifestyle magazine celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of the modern Southwest Borderlands–the history, culture, gastronomy, arts, and talented, tight-knit community that make it the weird and wonderful place we call home. We’re up and running online and will launch our first print publication this fall, 2017. We hope you’ll consider supporting an independent, educational, and seriously entertaining publication as unique as our region, by contributing to MEOW’sIndieGogo start-up campaign.

* digital, video, audio, print, events — all with their own editorial but interacting and supportive of each other.

MEOW is being founded by Katy Gierlach and Jared McKinley, who are no strangers to publishing. Having participated on many levels in local magazines, including the launch of one of the more successful periodicals in Tucson, we know what it takes to get a new publication going. However, we are aiming to do it a bit differently than it has been done in the past.”

Video on Meow launch: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-time-is-meow-magazine#/

 $1400 raised in a few days by 20 backers, with goal of $34,000. Help start this new independent digital magazine. Website for articles : http://www.meowmeowmedia.com/. Print edition coming soon too.