Help support independent Kore Press

“For 24 years, the dedicated staff at Kore, an independent publishing house & literary justice organization, has worked to ensure that women, people of color, queer & trans folks, & other marginalized voices have a forum. This Fall, Kore commits to groundbreaking writing by black women, a Holocaust survivor, & women’s memoirs to keep the arts expansive. With steady threats to vital funding sources, Kore is turning to lovers of literature & justice to sustain its vital work.”

They are hosting an Indiegogo campaign to raise $20,000 to keep their presses running.  So far over $1900 by 22 donors have pledged their monetary support to Kore Press.  Donate here:

More info at website: “Literary justice, empowering women”.

One response to “Help support independent Kore Press

  1. whohoo, one of my women friends donated and now the total raised is at $2222. Keep it up Tucsonans!