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“Nice” John Kasich has not-so-nice things to say about rape

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There are so many things wrong with what GOP Presidential candidate John Kasich said here that it’s hard to know where to start. Continue reading

No, your new heartthrob John Kasich is not a moderate!

What inevitably turns up in my feed whenever I mention Kasich

If there’s one thing some liberals are big saps for, it’s the idea of forging kumbaya friendships with certain Republicans. They’re like nerdy high school kids pathetically grateful that the jocks and cheerleaders are letting them sit at their table for lunch. It’s very annoying but is an ongoing thing that will never go away so long as there are liberals yearning for whatever approbation they can get from people who scorn them. Arizona liberals are especially bad with this, since the political climate here is so demoralizing for Democrats. The hunger for “reasonable” Republicans is so strong that they’ll ascribe such characteristics to guys like Jeff Flake, mistaking his mild-manneredness for moderation, when the truth is that the now-junior Senator of Arizona holds a lot of horrifically right wing positions. Continue reading

Rubio & Kasich: The Myth of the Republican Moderate (video)

War on WomenI was appalled by last night’s Lawrence O’Donnell Show on MSNBC.

O’Donnell and his guests were discussing the “moderate” policies of Republican Party Presidential contenders Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich. (For the record, several months ago, I considered these two to be more moderate than the rest, but recent developments have changed my opinion. They’re not moderate; they’re just not crazy scary like Cruz and Trump.)

Since when are War on Women Warriors considered “moderate”? 

In one of the GOP debates, Rubio infamously said he would “restrict a woman’s right to choose nationwide and worldwide.” This type of male-privilege-dominated US foreign policy has forced 1000s of rape and incest victims to have their rapists’ children– like the Boko Haram girls.

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GOP Debate: Kasich & Rubio Were Moderate, Others… Yikes!

Tucson Progressive on FacebookThe Republican debate on October 28 was a political circus.  It was the wildest and most uncontrolled “debate” I have ever witnessed.

I realize that the Republican candidates are being hammered by the media for whining about how bad the CNBC moderators and their questions were, but I agree with them. The CNBC moderators were so bad that they made Anderson Cooper’s moderation of the Democratic Party debate look even-handed and skillful. They rudely shouted over the candidates, asked multiple gotcha questions that were designed to start arguements, and never once said, “Excuse me, Mr/Ms _______, but you didn’t answer the question.” They didn’t lose control; they never had it.

“The questions asked in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media. This is not a cage match,” Senator Ted Cruz complained at Wednesday’s Republican debate. He proceeded to (quite impressively) list one stupid question that was asked each candidate. I agree with him. These people are auditioning for the most powerful job in the world; they should be respected and asked meaningful political questions– at least most of the time– instead of being asked absurd questions that are designed to sell soap. It was appalling.

The post-debate banter by the mainstream media has been surprisingly homogeneous: Jeb! lost and Rubio won. Really? The post-debate banter after the recent Democratic Party event was all over the map. Bernie won! Hillary won! Anderson Cooper won! The Democratic Party won!

I think there were several surprises in the debate that no one is reporting…

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Perry & Kasich: War on Women Heats Up in Texas & Ohio

Texas-obby Pamela Powers Hanley

Teapublican Legislatures in Texas and Ohio have been working diligently in recent weeks on sexist laws aimed at the suppression of women.

Last week Texas State Senator Wendy Davisbecame a nationwide feminist hero when she single-handedly filibustered and stopped anti-choice, anti-woman legislation that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks and effectively close all but 5 abortion clinics in the state of Texas.

In response to Davis and the thousands of pro-choice protesters who flooded Austin yesterday, Governor Rick Perry vowed to ban abortions in the state of Texas and called another special session. The sole purpose of this new 30-day session is to pass the same anti-choice bill that failed last week, thanks to Davis and cheering pro-choice protesters inside the Legislative chamber.

Meanwhile in Ohio, another Teapublican Governor, John Kasich– surrounded by other old white men– quietly signed  one of the most draconian, anti-choice, anti-woman bills in the country this week. The Ohio legislation requires women seeking abortions to have a vaginal ultrasound (even if the woman doesn’t want one), defunds Planned Parenthood, requires stricter controls on abortion clinics which will cause some of them to close, and redefines pregnancy to begin at fertilization. (If some of this anti-woman nonsense sounds familiar, it’s because Arizona and other Teapubican states passed similar legislation in recent years.)

Perry and other anti-abortion zealots paint this fight as a religious war to protect the unborn. This is hogwash. The War on Women’s reproductive rights is a war of suppression. More on this and proposed laws to regulate sperm donors after the jump.

It is well known that young single mothers– especially teenage mothers– are more likely to live in poverty and less likely to graduate from high school, let along go to college. It is also well known that educating women and mothers leads to fewer unwanted pregnancies and better health for the mothers and their children. Saddling women with unwanted pregnancies, reduced educational opportunities, and potentially life-long poverty is simply a way to control and suppress women. Period. This is a political power play to keep women in their places– not a religious war.

If the Teapublican anti-abortion ideologues really want to cut back on abortions, why are there NO discussions regarding fathers’ role in producing unwanted pregnancies? On the Diane Rehm Show this week, more than once, commentators said that there are two people involved in every pregnancy– the mother and the child. What about that sperm donors? 

Where are the laws restricting men’s access to reproductive health? Where are the laws dictating unwanted invasive procedures for men who have started new lives but want to abandon their children? Where are the laws punishing men who don’t financially or emotionally care for the children they father? Where are the laws limiting insurance coverage for Viagra, testosterone replacement, or performance-enhancing procedures? Where are the laws requiring sterilization or jail time for deadbeat dads who shirk their responsibilities to their children and the women they impregnated? Where are the anti-rape laws that require condom use? (Remember Julian Assange and his romps in Sweeden?)

In the Teapublican world, men are obviously blameless in the abortion debate and free to father children irresponsibly and at will.

Enter another brave, feminist legislator– this time from Ohio. State Senator Nina Turner has proposed a bill that outlines would-be sperm donors’ rights. (I especially like the notarized statement of impotence to receive Viagra. Heh, heh, heh.) From AddictingInfo…

State Senator Nina Turner introduced SB 307, which requires men to visit a sex therapist, undergo a cardiac stress test, and get their sexual partner to sign a notarized affidavit confirming impotency in order to get a prescription for Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs. The bill also requires men who take the drugs to be continually “tested for heart problems, receive counseling about possible side effects and receive information about “pursuing celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice.””

One of the Texas protesters had a sign that read: “Life begins with a new governor.” I agree! Let’s hope that the renewed wave of anti-woman legislation– not to mention the mess that the GOP is making of immigration reform– will cause an even bigger backlash against them in 2014 and onward.

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