Three Sonorans Posts More Huppenthal Comments

Oh Thucky, you have been a bad, bad monkey. [I think that was a Bill Murray line from Ghostbusters 2]

Three Sonorans has posted the comments the Thuckmeister made at their site. It’s a tough call, but those comments may be even uglier than the ones he posted here. Here’s the link: “MAS=KKK” says John Huppenthal; asserts book ban was not his, but TUSD’s doing.

I’ve copied below Three Sonorans’ compilation of the comments they perceived to be the worst, but they need to add this one to their list:

You have an ethnic majority, hispanics, oppressing an ethnic minority, small business owners, exacting a property tax and paying to force students to undergo a toxic indoctrination.

Got that? Those evil Hispanics are oppressing small business owners.

And, yes, some of these comments also were made from the Department of Education IP address.

The Three Sonorans selection of worst comments follows after the jump.

Regarding the MAS program Huppenthal says:


“hispanic history [is] defined as a history of victimhood leading to a future of victimhood owned by you…”

“Not every country in the world is suffering as much as the United States. China and Russia tax their smallbusinesses a fraction of the United States…”

“They don’t spend time studying hispanic culture, they spend time studying the marxist theories of paolo friere… they define hispanic culture as being equal to marxism and socialism but that doesn’t work.”

“Ethnic Studies is a racist program that pits the races against each other and encourages students to view themselves as victims and successful people as ‘oppressors.’”

Below we will see Huppenthal referring to MAS teachers as “MAS skin heads.” There are also many comments against Paulo Friere which you can read also.

What I found interesting was the multiple comments by John Huppenthal that he never ordered a book ban; that was all TUSD’s doing. For what it’s worth, the attorney behind the book ban is now the city manager of Tucson, appointed by the 100% Democratic Mayor and Council.

Huppenthal didn’t ban those books and explicitly made it clear.

Their having an orgasm over the claim that their book was banned. Now, maybe a student will read it.

You can’t believe a word on this blog. No book whatsoever has been banned. Just that MAS skin heads can’t run classrooms. They were teaching hate in these classes, just as this blog preaches hate and revenge.

Huppenthal also praises Russell Pearce after he was recalled.

Senate President Russell Pearce was a very good man. Like the sheriff in High Noon, he restored the rule of law… Thank you Russell. We are all safer as a result of your efforts.

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  1. Stick a fork in him. He’s done. But he is a wonderful example of what the Arizona Republican party stands for, no matter what nice face they put on in public.