Introducing the Republican ‘Billionaires Pay Zero Tax’ Act

A new GOP bill, formally entitled the ‘Death Tax Repeal Act,’ would enable our super-rich to avoid both income and estate tax on their investment gains. [Cross-posted from] Under America’s current loophole-ridden tax law, rich people — even billionaires — can pass unlimited investment gains to their descendants without paying a dollar in income … Read more

AZ01: A Great Candidate — Jevin Hodge — and a Race We Can Win

Folks, the days before the election are counting down. For those who want to accomplish all they can with whatever time, energy and dollars they have left to give, please take a good look at AZ01. I think we have a fantastic opportunity to replace an ethically challenged, right-winger with a principled, hard working champion … Read more

Trillionaires and a Burning Planet: A Package Deal

[Note to BfAZ readers: I’m limited in how much of this I can post, but the paywall at Newsweek isn’t too bad, so you should be able to access it] It’s an awful feeling, watching Senator Joe Manchin saddle congressional Democrats‘ efforts to confront climate change with fossil fuel giveaways, then watching Kyrsten Sinema hold Manchin’s watered-down legislation hostage … Read more

Patriotic Millionaires on Sinema: SOLD to Private Equity Billionaires

Patriotic Millionaires on Sinema: SOLD to Private Equity Billionaires “Kyrsten Sinema has spent her entire Senate term posturing for a multimillion dollar job in private equity. Now she’s looking to close the deal.” Washington, DC – As Democrats finalize details of the Inflation Reduction Act, reports indicate that Senator Kyrsten Sinema is demanding Democrats strip the bill of … Read more

The Inflation Reduction Act: A Small Victory on Tax Policy. We Need Much More

As BlueMeanie reported Wednesday, Manchin and Schumer have agreed to a tax and investment package that includes $739 billion in new revenue and $433 billion in new investments. Supposedly, it’s fast-tracked for a Senate vote next week. We’ll see. BlueMeanie is appropriately skeptical about Sinema, but I’m not sure is she’s the only potential spoiler. … Read more