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felony prosecutions in pima county

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Laura Conover
Laura Conover says that more funding is needed to go after Domestic Violence, Scam & Fraud (robocalls & phishing emails), and Property Crime.

Laura Conover, Candidate for Pima County Attorney

Do you care about criminal reform? How about ending robocalls? What do you think about the cash bail system and the death penalty?

This is your last chance to register to hear Laura Conover, candidate for Pima County Attorney. Register and discover what Laura Conover plans for law enforcement in Tucson.

Laura points out that in 2019, 31% of felony prosecutions were for drug possession in Pima Couty. Defendants were low-level, non-violent people. She asks why are we jailing them when treatment is 1/3 of the cost.

After a 16-year career in criminal justice work, including defense, victim advocacy, and almost 2 years of the management of 400 federal contract attorneys, she has the leadership skills the Pima County Attorney’s Office needs.

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