Elect Pro-Solar Regulators to Arizona’s Utility Commission

Why isn’t Arizona the solar capital of the USA? It’s because the Republican members of the Arizona Corporation Commission actively oppose clean energy and promote fossil fuels. Three seats on the 5-member commission are up for election in 2024, and four Democrats are vying for the 3 seats. It’s time for the voters to dump … Read more

Republicans Roundly Boo Kari Lake Following Scandal

Arizona Republicans let Kari Lake have it last weekend as they hurled boos and jeers her way at a state GOP meeting following a scandal involving her and the now-former head of the state’s party. The brutal reaction arrived following the resignation of Arizona GOP chairman Jeff DeWit after Lake’s surreptitiously recorded audio showed him pressing Lake, a Trump-endorsed election denier running … Read more

The Strongest Democratic Party We Have Ever Seen

“Democrats keep overperforming in elections. Republicans keep underperforming and struggling. We even saw this in Iowa. Despite Trump’s victory, turnout there was abysmal,” says political strategist Steven Rosenberg. “Only 7 percent of all registered Republicans voted for Donald Trump in Iowa. It’s a terrible number. And so, when Democrats actually go vote, we just keep … Read more