Biden: Trump and MAGA Extremists Threaten Democracy

President Joe Biden warned that Trump and his MAGA lackeys are a dire threat to American Democracy. “There’s something dangerous happening in America now. There’s an extremist movement that does not share the basic beliefs of our democracy. The MAGA movement. It’s an extremist ideology,” Biden said. The White House invited me to hear President … Read more

New Initiative Will Repeal 1946 Anti-Labor ‘Right to Work’ Law

Arizona Works Together is seeking better wages for Arizona workers by repealing Arizona’s unfair, anti-union laws. To get fair laws for fair pay, voters must repeal the state’s 1946 anti-union ‘right to work’ constitutional amendment. ​”Big business has changed the law to line their pockets for almost 80 years. But enough is enough, and it’s … Read more

Die, Project Veritas, Die

NEW: Project Veritas Suspends All Operations Amid Devastating Layoffs and Fundraising Struggles Project Veritas, the right-wing phony media organization founded by James O’Keefe, suspended all operations on September 20, 2023, after another round of layoffs, according to Mediaite. CEO Hannah Giles said that the group cannot “carry the present staff count any longer” and that … Read more