10 Years blogging at Blog for Arizona

Well, dear readers, it’s been 10 years since I joined the good folks here at Blog for Arizona. It was Feb. 11, 2014 when AZ Blue Meanie (now on hiatus) convinced me to come online after 4.5 years at the Tucsoncitizen.com writing “Carolyn’s Community”. So I decided to transfer my blogging about community activities to this progressive political blogsite, and have enjoyed doing the B4AZ calendar since then.

I also cover local politics, the elections and forums, but I try to stay neutral (though I am a life long Dem) and I don’t endorse candidates in Arizona. Arizona is turning purple which is helping the political climate here, and Pima County has been definitely blue for decades.

My husband, son and I arrived here in July 1987 (a very hot month) from Charlottesville, Virginia, and began to experience Arizona first hand. Republican Evan Mecham was Governor then, impeached later in April, 1988. But now we have Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs and also a Democatic Attorney General Kris Mayes.

Celebrate with me today and please continue to read our posts. Check our online calendar frequently as I update daily if possible, when time allows. I like listing events from DGT (Democrats of Greater Tucson), Loft Cinema, Sustainable Tucson, Tanque Verde Dems, League of Women Voters, Southern AZ Aids Foundation, YWCA of Southern Az, Tucson Peace Center, etc. Some folks have told me it is the best political calendar in town (and I’m proud of that).

The featured image (below) is the B4AZ donkey from Feb. 2014. Our current Dem donkey is above.

3 thoughts on “10 Years blogging at Blog for Arizona”

  1. Thank you for all you do and have done for the past ten years, Carolyn. I would agree that your online political calendar is the best in Tucson.

    AZBlue picked a good one and speaking of AZBlue I really wish he would return if only part time.

    Anyway, Happy 10th anniversary.

    • Appreciate your comment Lynn, it’s been an interesting 10 years, with 4 years of the Trump Administration when there were 4 to 5 events against him a day to post. I was working all the time, even at midnight.

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