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With Massive Tax Cuts from Feds, Big Corps Don’t Need AZ Tax Giveaways (video)

Mama GrizzlyVice presidential candidate Sarah Palin called herself a “Mama Grizzly” because she said she would fight like a Mama Grizzly to protect her children.

Although “Mama Grizzly” was a catchy marketing slogan for the folksy rural mayor from Alaska, the Republican Party has never embraced the idea of protecting children after birth or helping families. Unfortunately, this week Congressional Republicans took their disregard for middle class families one step further by voting for billions of dollars in tax cuts for big corporations and for the richest Americans– while saddling our children and grandchildren with massive debt to pay the bills in the future.

Hmmm… let’s see… what to do… pass legislation that would actually help millions of Americans– like equitably funding public education across the country or fixing the Affordable Care Act (to make it affordable) — OR cut taxes for your rich donors? Cut taxes, of course! With party-line votes to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Congressional Republicans have shown that they are far more interested in enriching the billionaire class than in improving the lives of everyday Americans. Universal healthcare? Food Security? World-class public education? Safe roads and bridges? Financial stability for the middle class? Meh. Congressional Republicans don’t care about pursuing the People’s To-Do List.

Although the majority of Americans see the tax cut bill as unfair, Republicans are on course to deliver the biggest Christmas present… ever… to the 0.01%.

In my opinion, the passage of this massive wealth transfer bill underscores the need for a few new progressive action items…

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Last 2 showings of Elves Gone Bad at Unscrewed Theater


“Elves Gone Bad” Interactive Holiday Play

“For the first time, Unscrewed Theater will host six performances of the one-of-a-kind interactive holiday play, “Elves Gone Bad.” They will be six weekend matinee performances during the month of November, right up until Christmas Eve.

A host of characters, including Santa Claus and a Pirate Captain, entertain on stage. Children and adults are encouraged to participate onstage and from their seats, making this a special memory-making family holiday event. For the low price of $5.00 a ticket.

Seating is limited, and tickets are available online at www.UnscrewedTheater.org.

Last two Weekend Matinee Shows @ 1:00pm
ONLY $5.00

December 23 – http://bit.ly/ElvesDec23
December 24 – http://bit.ly/ElvesDec24

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