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Mitch McConnell is the real “Enemy of the People”

This is the person who brought suit against the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law that resulted in the Citizens United Ruling bringing on the scourge of Dark Money.


This is the person, when this county was in its worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression, vowed along with other small unpatriotic conservatives; to obstruct the Obama economic program (in order to make him a one term President) to dig our country out of the policy mistakes Republicans had brought us.

This is the person who led the obstruction of many Obama judicial and executive appointments with no meritorious reasoning. He just wanted to obstruct.

This is the person who would not allow Merrick Garland even the benefit of one Judicial Hearing for his candidacy to the Supreme Court and then had the gall to accuse Democrats of being obstructionist in the Kavanaugh nomination. To be fair, President Obama should have fought harder on this.

This is the person who screamed, “this is politics” when the issue of Russian interference was brought to Congressional leaders before the 2016 elections. In fairness, President Obama should have been stronger and called McConnell out on this.

This is the person that took away the filibuster on Supreme Court Nominees so now we are faced with the placement of an individual accused of sexual assault on the highest court of the land so a Conservative Majority may be present.

This is the person that, along with other reactionaries, fought to eliminate a healthcare reform program, originated by members of his own party simply because a Democratic President embraced them to the detriment of millions of Americans who need the program so they can have health insurance.

Mitch McConnell is the person that has done all these things. He is worse than a plague because a plague does not know what it is doing to the body. It just destroys. McConnell knows what he is doing and the combined maneuvers and acts of him, his accessories and the KKK endorsed candidate and popular vote loser in the White House are making this country an entity that great majority of the country does not want or recognize.

If Democrats do regain power in one or both of the Houses of Congress on November 6, they should immediately launch an investigation into the activities of the hopefully soon to be deposed majority leader and assess whether he committed acts, particularly with regards to Russian interference, that can be construed as treason. At the very least, they should be launching ads campaigning on this “true enemy of the people.”





Eric Kurland campaigns to be part of the Blue Wave in LD 23

LD 23 Democratic State House Nominee Eric Kurland

Arizona Legislative District 23, a district that includes parts or all of Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, and Rio Verde, has not seen a local Democratic Representative in recent memory. In fact, Republicans ran unopposed in the recent 2012 and 2014 elections. Democrat Tammy Caputi ran and gained about 26 percent in a three-way race with the two Republicans that did take both State House Seats in 2016.

Saying “It is time for a teacher,” Scottsdale Educator Eric Kurland seeks to build on Caputi’s performance and beat either incumbent Jay Lawrence (a reactionary conservative who looks like arch villian Stephano DeMira from Days of Our Lives) or Senator John Kavanagh (another reactionary conservative who is running for the House seat because he is term-limited from running again in the Senate.) Both Republican candidates have been accused by Mr. Kurland of being aloof and inattentive to the needs and concerns of their constituents while catering their votes to the needs of Dark Money (Koch Brother for example, interests).

Profiled earlier this summer (please see link below), Mr. Kurland described, at breakfast at the Scottsdale Restaurant “Randy’s” the current state of his campaign and where he sees his path to victory.

  • Please describe the three top issues the people want you to discuss the most when you meet with them.

Education-charter school oversight-people protective of taxpayer dollars It is not a partisan issue when elected officials take public tax dollars for your kids and line their pockets. People that are following the rules should be glad the light is shining on the bad actors. Education funding is also a top priority along with dirty money and the elected officials not serving the people that elected them. I want to Reform ballot initiative process so it is easier. Charters getting some $1500 extra dollars because they cannot go out for overrides can be fixed be establishing taxing districts where charters can get their votes just like all other charter schools. They (the legislature) stopped Cave Creek from converting to public schools (so they could get additional funding assistance) but let Eddie (Farnsworth) keep the rules that enabled him to cash out. All public schools need to play by the same rules. We need to have a level playing field. I am for school choice but we need a larger conversation about accountability and transparency. I am only in favor of vouchers for severe special needs kids.”

Last month, Mr. Kurland, in reaction to the Arizona Supreme Court Ruling taking Invest in Ed off the ballot, commented that “this ruling was decided in 2016 when the majority party, despite the objections by the Chief Justice, packed the court by expanding the number of justices from five to seven. It is quite clear that the few, well-connected can remain anonymous as they buy their politicians and then sit back smoking cigars while the voice of everyday people is muted.” Furthermore, he stated, “the solution is to not just vote for people like myself but to get others to do so as well. I will put legislation in play that models the Tempe ordinance on dirty money that garnered 91% of the vote. Then, we will honor the will of the voters and place a revenue source for public education on the ballot and let the people decide. As a teacher, I see this in terms of a math question. How many doors must a person knock on to get 31 + 16 + 1? I also might add. The incumbents haven’t listened when the vast majority of their constituents reportedly told them that they want public education funded properly. They haven’t listened when 91% of the voters in Tempe wanted to unmask Dirty Money. They only listen to those that put money into their campaigns. And I will make a prediction that they will continue not to listen and won’t show up to any of the debates. They just can’t be bothered by the everyday person.”

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