It is becoming increasingly clear that the 2020 elections is not just about:

  • Health Care.
  • Climate Change.
  • Rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.
  • The Rich not paying their fair share in taxes
  • The United States place in the World.

It is also about battling for what America stands for and the collective soul of all its residents.


Does America stand for Democracy and Republics or does it stand for Authoritarianism, Oligarchy, and Plutocracy?

Does America stand for moving forward or retreating back?

Does America stand for strong enlightened leadership or blustering demagoguery?

Does America stand for expanding and instilling knowledge or promoting superstition and ignorance?

Does America stand for inclusion or exclusion? Equality or Ethnocentrism?

Does America stand for cooperation with allies or rigid isolationism?

Does America stand for lifting everyone up or leaving the great majority of its citizens behind while the privileged live in splendor?

Does America stand for everyone is equal before the law or are a few allowed to mock it?

Does America stand for providing assistance for the most vulnerable or should the weakest be expected to fend for themselves?

Does America stand for providing day care and summer camps for children or internship-concentration camps for those young ones looking to live the American Dream and reunite with their parents?

Does America stand for the children of military personnel protecting the country living overseas automatically becoming citizens or not?

Again, 2020 is not just about electing candidates to various government posts.

One of the few positive aspects of the Trump Presidency is Americans have been forced to look into a mirror and ask “Is this what we are? Is this what we want to be?”

The 2020 elections is more than whether or not Donald Trump is reelected.

It is more than what political party will take power in state legislatures like Arizona or the United States Congress.

The 2020 elections is about what we, as citizens in a country, want America to be and what we want our nation to stand for.

Do not forget that and do not forget to be part of the decision.