Many pundits, looking to history, fall back on the political tradition of the President’s party routinely losing midterm elections.

However, those pundits are not taking fully into account the lunacy and fringe behavior that currently engulfs the former party of Lincoln (the Republican Party for those that need clarification.)


This is the political party where most of its members have said no to science, COVID vaccinations, Democracy, the right to vote, real history education, Universal Pre K, lower prescription drugs, infrastructure improvements, combatting climate change, and mothers getting formula for their babies.

This is a political party, whose members in the last several years that have said yes to treason and domestic terrorism, racism, the Big Lie on the 2020 election, the cult of Trump, discrimination against the LGBTQ community, banning Romeo and Juliet in schools, plans to reduce inflation, a society resembling A Hand Maids Tale and Gone with the Wind, and it is okay for a woman to carry her rapists or fathers child. 

While most midterm elections do yield losses to the President’s party, 2022 can be (thanks in part to President Biden being a likable figure, Republican far right positions and Supreme Court decisions on a woman’s rights,) like 1998 and 2002, the electoral exception to the that rule if Democrats do not blow it.

Democrats have an opportunity with the many stellar candidates they have to craft an agenda that will appeal to both the center (even a little right of it) and left that could crush the Trumpist Republicans at the ballot box and chart a new course forward.

They need to get their act together and do it.

There are only 134 days to go.

This is not rocket science and should not be difficult.