26th Annual All Souls Procession on November 8



It’s that time again  to prepare for the All Souls Procession on Sunday, November 8, 2015. Here’s the route map, ending up again at Mercado San Agustin, west of the I-10 for the finale.

More info: www.allsoulsprocession.org. There are many events prior to the Procession so go online for the calendar of events.

All Souls Procession & Finale Ceremony
November 8 @ 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Procession gathering starts at 4:00 PM on November 8, on 6th Avenue just south of 6th Street. There will be music and buskers and of course all of your fabulousness to take in and chat with one another about! If you are planning to sit to watch the Procession, do NOT gather in this area–there are way too many people. Choose somewhere further along the route. And, if you are planning on walking, you may want to join in further along the route as well. There are a whole lot of people trying to walk, and it can get very, very crowded at the gathering area.

Ushers in Usher sashes will be helping to guide the Procession. Please respect their requests of you–and help them out along the way!

Floats, large groups, and musical groups, we will need you to register ahead of time to get details on how and when to enter the Procession. Please sign up to receive registration information. Ushers will release you into the Procession as it passes to maintain optimal spacing.


Hungry Ghosts–the official All Souls Street Busking Fundraising crew–will be busking at the gathering point, along the Procession, and at the Finale grounds. They’ll have pedicabs, bullhorns, and signs to identify them. Please donate whatever you can to help support the Procession.


We walk starting at 6:30. Please keep an eye out for each other! You will be walking in city streets and in an unfinished dirt lot. So wear comfy shoes, bring water, and you might want a flashlight!

Downtown has very few public restrooms. There are port-a-potties at the gathering and Finale site along with a couple of other locations along the route and restrooms in the Mercado San Agustin. See attached map. Local businesses may be happy to let you use a restroom if you are also patronizing their business.

We will be walking on streets that are designed for cars, not people. They are uneven, have trolley tracks in them, holes and bumps. If you want to push a float or a stroller, please do, but know that it takes a little work. The route is about 2 miles and we walk slowly. Consider starting further along the route if you need to.

If you are not walking in the Procession, but are watching from the sidewalk, please stay on the curb as the Procession approaches you. Once the Urn & taiko drums pass, feel free to step in and join the Procession if you would like.

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