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Three years ago on Feb. 11, 2014 (in the days of the Obama Administration) I joined the good folks here at Blog for Arizona, after more than  four and a half years blogging at the Tucsoncitizen.com, as “Carolyn’s Community”.  You readers have noticed that I have been tirelessly working on posting progressive events on our image Calendar (upper right corner) or online here:


Visit the post for more. … Democratic Club of the Santa Rita Area

I am passionate about informing our readers about what our non profits and progressive groups and people are doing here in Arizona.  Some activists in town are telling me that we now have the “best political calendar” online.  Many thanks for the praise.

As for elections, only the Tucson City Council races to report on in 2017:  Ward 3 has (so far) 3 Democrats and 1 Libertarian seeking the open seat (with Karin Uhlich retiring),  and no challengers to date in Ward 5 (Richard Fimbres) or Ward 6 (Steve Kozachik).  Both Councilmen are seeking re-election.

We will keep on blogging…esp. now in the early days of the Trump Administration Stay focused and vigilant, and be aware.


  1. Love your blog, Carolyn, along with your support for Unscrewed Theater. 🙂 I spread the news, your news, (especially now!) as much as I can.

  2. I’ve found some great Tucson area events through you. Wish I could do more but I’m still up near Phoenix.

    • Sarah, I’m constantly on the lookout for progressive events to post. There’s quite a lot here in Southern Arizona, and when I have time — I post statewide events as ell. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Thank you, Ms. Classen. My work week begins with your calendar, and the timely news sources that you provide are enormously valuable. I refer every activist and organizer to to your work.

  4. We need more bloggers and voices like yours Carolyn and things might be different today. This work does take ongoing vigilance (yes, nights and week-ends) to maintain our democracy. Hope more would join our efforts.

  5. You have done a fine job, Carolyn! You fill an important niche that is usually overlooked. And Happy 3rd Anniversary!!

    • Thank you Steve — as I started doing the image Calendar, I realized the niche I was undertaking and it is a large project, esp. with no such calendar at AZ Daily Star. But I also meet activists, who keep saying to me “I didn’t know of that event”(which was posted on our calendar for weeks), and I just sigh.

      • Thank you Liza. I don’t get a lot of praise for the tireless work I do (even at night and on weekends – like now), so nice to hear from our readers.

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