3/27: Arizona’s 9/11

by David Safier

On March 27, 2010, a murder of epic proportions on the Arizona border rocked the very foundations of the state. Nothing will ever be the same.

Who can forget the national coverage of the murder, the cries of outrage and the messages of support that poured into our grateful state, still numb from the tragedy?

The entire world mourned with us. I read the headline in a French newspaper with tears of gratitude streaming down my face:

Nous Sommes Tous Arizonains du Sud. Nous Sommes Tous les Hommes de la Minute.

The state mobilized to avenge the heinous crime of Hispano-terrorism and to make sure it never happens again. Our brave legislature sprang into action to protect our Freedoms.

Here are some of the laws these brave men and women are working to pass to keep us safe:

  • No one will be allowed to slow their vehicle when confronted by a group of Hispanic men, even to see if they want to work. Who knows whether one of them has a Weapon of Anglo Destruction (WAD), hoping to carry out another vile act of terror against real Americans?
  • Civil liberties will be suspended to allow the brave men and women who enforce our laws to demand people prove they are in the country legally. This is being done in the name of our Freedoms. Nothing in the Constitution says we have to grant aliens who have invaded our country the Freedoms we cherish.
  • Environmental rules will be suspended so our border patrols can race across the fragile terrain in hot pursuit. What good will it do to preserve our environment when our entire way of life is threatened?
  • Our brave civilians will be given the necessary arms and training to form a Wall of Resistance on our southern border to repel any evildoers who dare try to enter this great Country.
  • Alien children who try to infiltrate our schools will be labeled as the illegals they are. And any classes suspected of teaching Hispano-terrorist identity and pride will be banned.

Of course, all Arizonans recognize there are many good, law abiding Hispanics residing in the country, and we acknowledge their rich heritage. They have nothing to fear for our increased vigilance.

But we must honor the lives of those brave men and women we lost on that tragic day. Whatever the cost, We Must Never Allow Another 3/27!

. . . . . . .

Wait, what's that you say? You're trying to tell me a single rancher was killed by an assailant on March 27, and no one knows for sure who the killer was? It was probably some drug runner who fled back to Mexico on foot?

That's what this fuss is all about?

I mean, sure, the murder is a tragedy for the man's family and friends, and we need to understand how it happened and take reasonable measures to try and prevent it from being repeated. But haven't innocent people been murdered in the state before? A single death on the border is no reason to condone all kinds of repressive, police state legislation, is it?

I know, I know. Why do I hate Arizona?

I'm sure what Russell Pearce said about Terry Goddard applies to me as well:

[Pearce] said that if Goddard doesn't like the efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, he should go to another state that "is more friendly to his friends, the illegal aliens."

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