Has it really been 6 years ago when I joined up here at Blog for Arizona on Feb. 11, 2014? Have posted 1244 articles to date.  I now post less articles, but definitely add and update progressive Calendar events all the time. It’s like a part time job blogging here, ever since 45th US President Donald Trump (R) was inaugurated on Jan.20, 2017. Since the Trump Administration took over, the Resistance efforts have tripled by the good folks out here who are carefully watching and resisting his programs and initiatives. And now he is the 3rd impeached US President in our history, since Dec, 18, 2019 when the US Congress found him guilty of 2 impeachable articles. He wasn’t removed from office by the US Senate, as he has too many Republican friends there, who put their party loyalty before our country’s best interests and the Rule of Law. Only Republican US Senator Mitt Romney from Utah, the Republican Party’s 2012 Presidential nominee, voted yes on the abuse of power article.
So, six years blogging at Blog for Arizona, and prior to that over 4.5 years blogging at the Tucsoncitizen.com….so a total of over 10 years at this volunteer activity of citizen-driven, independent journalism, but a truly worthy one, well needed in our Arizona community, and across the nation.
“Keep on trucking”, they used to say back then in the 1960’s/1970’s, so let’s “keep on blogging” into the 2020’s, and beyond.  We believe in a Free Press in America.
 Imua kakou, as we say in Hawaiian — Forward together!  Justice will prevail.