700 Tucsonans March Against Monsanto


Monsanto-Jenifer-Randell-1by Pamela Powers Hannley

On Saturday, May 25, an estimated 2 million marched against multinational chemical giant Monsanto for tinkering with the genes of our worldwide food supply and for trying to outright control the food supply by controlling seed sales and prosecuting private farmers for saving seeds.

Here in Tucson an estimated 700 people marched against Monsanto. A veteran of many a Tucson protest march, I’d say 700 is a highly significant and news-worthy event. Ironically (or not), this march was ignored by the local news media. A Google search for local coverage revealed that both the Arizona Daily Star andKVOA ran canned stories about the worldwide effort with no mention or photos of the Tucson march. The only mention in the Tucson Weekly was a pre-event calendar announcement posted by the organizers. (For more Tucson pictures, go here.)

Here is a Loneprotestor video of the Tucson March Against Monsanto.

Tucson March Against Monsanto

To grasp the scope of this event, check out this video with scenes from around the world.

March Against Monsanto: Photos from Around the World

Monsanto-jenifer-randell-2Special thanks to Jennifer Randell for use of her photos and to Alison McLeod for her video.