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Governor Hobbs Calls Today’s Supreme Court Ruling Outlawing Reproductive Freedom “Callous, Outrageous, and a Dark Day in Arizona”

David Gordon

Today’s repulsive reactionary and Handmaid’s Tale ruling from the Arizona Supreme Court making a Civil War era abortion statute the law of the land except in case of the mother’s life being in danger is a dark day for women’s rights, health care, and reproductive freedom. In a series of press events and social media … Read more

Semiconductor Plant in Phoenix to be at Full Capacity by the End of 2024, Despite MAGA Dystopians

Michael Bryan

I read economist Noah Smith’s Substack Newsletter Noahpinion pretty regularly. Today, he had an interesting observation about an economic story that will transform Arizona’s economy in the coming years: For over a year, along with many other writers who follow industrial policy, I sounded the alarm that the much-trumpeted TSMC fab (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) in Arizona … Read more

Arizona is the Super-Battleground Epicenter of the 2024 Election. And That’s Great News!

Michael Bryan

There are very few places where the battle for control of the Presidency, the U.S. Congress, and for control of a state legislature overlap more tightly than in Tucson’s northern suburbs and exurbs. That makes the jurisdictions in and around the Southern Arizona region, such as Arizona’s 6th Congressional District (CD6), and the 16th and … Read more

On April 23rd You Can Meet Two Democrats Who Will Flip Control of the AZ Senate with Arizona List!

Michael Bryan

Most regular readers will know that I am a supporter and member of Arizona List. I deeply believe in their mission and support their excellent work and ROI for donors’ contributions, and believe strongly that they align with one of the greatest strengths of the Democratic Party: our vision of women at the forefront of … Read more

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes Condemns Inquisition…Sorry… Committee Examining Her Actions and Record

David Gordon

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes and her team at the AG’s office have not made life easy for individuals and businesses whose campaign donations and political persuasions steer toward the MAGA political spectrum. Since being sworn in on January 2023, the Attorney General has worked to: These actions, in service of everyday Arizonans, have earned … Read more

In a New Ad, Ruben Gallego Presents Himself as the Candidate Who Will Work to Make People’s Lives Better

David Gordon

Fresh off raking in $7.5 million in 2024 first quarter campaign donations, Arizona House Congressional District Three Representative and Candidate for the United States Senate Ruben Gallego has released a new ad, called “Breathe Easier” that presents himself as the person who will work to make life better for Arizonans. Representative Gallego is competing in … Read more

Bidenomics on the March: More Good News from the Job Market

David Gordon

Economists were predicting 200,000 jobs were created last month. Fortunately, they were wrong. The numbers in the March jobs report showed approximately 303,000 positions created and a drop in the unemployment rate to 3.8 percent. It is the 26th straight month where unemployment has been below four percent. Historically, the last time this trend occurred … Read more

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