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The GOP Wants Biden to Drop Out, Which is Exactly Why He Shouldn’t

Kim Miklofsky Bayne

Oh, what a spectacle! President Joe Biden’s first debate performance has been turned into a carnival sideshow by every pundit and keyboard warrior out there. But let’s sift through the noise and get real. The Republican Party and its parade of brainwashed mouth-breathers are banking on their relentless jeers and full-blown mockery to force Joe … Read more

Watch the Biden-Stephanopoulos Interview; Wimpy Wimpy Trump Did Not Want to Interview

David Gordon

George Stephanopoulos offered both President Joe Biden and 34 Time Convicted (which is 11 times more convictions than Ted Bundy,) Twice Impeached, Two time Popular Vote Loser, and Traitor Donald Trump opportunities to interview after their debate last week. President Biden accepted. Donald Trump wimped out. Please watch the interview between President Biden and Stephanopoulos … Read more

President Biden Forcefully Confronts the Naysayers During a Powerful Speech in Madison, Wisconsin, Proclaiming “I’m Running and Going to Win Again”

David Gordon

Facing calls from DemocratIc and Progressive-leaning legislators, donors, and pundits, President Joe Biden forcefully confronted the naysayers in a powerful speech in Madison, Wisconsin, proclaiming “I’m running and going to win again.” While repeating elements of the stump speech he has used in past events, the President entered to chants of “Let’s go, Joe,” saying … Read more

Jette: Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Melanie Heavilon

This article was first published in the Arizona Daily Star. I find it interesting that Mr. Jette ran as a Republican (2012 when running against Barbara LaWall), an independent, now a Democrat, and supported the Maga-Republican who lost to Attorney General Kris Mayes. He receives money from a developer who has given to the anti-abortion … Read more

Brought to You by the Biden/Harris Administration and Arizona’s Democrats: More Infrastructure Projects and Good Paying Jobs for Arizonans

David Gordon

This week Arizona Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly announced new infrastructure projects coming to the Grand Canyon State courtesy of…wait for it, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law championed by the Biden/Harris Administration and Arizona’s Congressional Democratic Delegation. Arizona’s House Republicans had nothing to do with it. The projects, through the allocation of approved RAISE (Rebuilding … Read more

The Hypocrisy of Rep. Raul Grijalva — a 76-Year-Old Cancer Patient — to Say President Biden Should Step Down

David Gordon

Are there valid concerns about whether President Joe Biden should continue campaigning for re-election? Yes, based on recent reports from media outlets like the New York Times and his recent debate performance. That said, it is despicable and disgusting to see the piling on against Biden by renowned journalists, Congressmen, and donors who acknowledge President Biden has … Read more

Imagine if Biden Uses Supreme Court Decision to send Trump to Guantanamo

Nelson Morgan

Two recent events have prompted President Biden to take the radical action of sending ex-President Trump to imprisonment in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. First of all, the recent Supreme Court decision confirmed that a President has complete immunity for official acts, and the president has undertaken such an act now that Mr. Trump presents … Read more

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