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Allan Lichtman Predicts Joe Biden Will Win

Larry Bodine

Professor Allan J. Lichtman, who has correctly predicted the winner of the Presidential Election in nine out of ten elections since 1984, today predicts that Joe Biden will win. Lichtman employs his “13 Keys to the White House” to conclude that Biden will defeat Trump. Biden is leading in 9 of the keys, while Trump … Read more

Don’t Be Deceived by Fake Democrat Mike Jette for Pima County Attorney

Michael Bryan

I truly pity any Democrat who’s been deceived by Jette and Lawall’s campaign of misinformation and smears against incumbent Pima County Attorney Laura Conover, all financed by some of the biggest GOP donors in AZ. Only one Democrat is running for Pima County Attorney – and it’s NOT Mike Jette! I’m shocked and disgusted by … Read more

In the Biden/Harris Campaign’s Latest Ad, the President Calls Convicted Trump “Putin’s Lap Dog”

David Gordon

The Biden/Harris Campaign capitalized on the successful performance of President Joe Biden at the N.A.T.O. conference in Washington D.C. this week by releasing an ad, reminding voters that 34 Time Convicted, Twice Impeached, Traitor, American Duce Wannabe and Sexual Assaulter Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ Trump is the most Anti-Freedom and Anti-Democratic Presidential candidate … Read more

On to Michigan; President Biden is Masterful at Post N.A.T.O. Press Conference; Watch Voter Group Reaction

David Gordon

President Joe Biden showed a mastery of detail while handling a series of questions on foreign policy and the state of his re-election campaign at a post N.A.T.O. summit press conference. While not flawless, the President had command of the subject matter on the questions presented to him. He defended his record of achievements. He … Read more

Fair Weather Democrat Greg Stanton Backstabs President Biden in the Middle of the N.A.T.O. Conference

David Gordon

Arizona Congressional House District Four Representative Greg Stanton is the latest fair weather Democrat to voice his suggestion that President Joe Biden withdraw from the 2024 race. Please see Mr. Stanton’s announcement below. In one sentence, Mr. Stanton calls President Biden “our country’s most effective modern Chief Executives” and backstabs him, while the President is … Read more

Arizona Delegates to the Democratic National Convention Are with President Joe Biden

David Gordon

Biden for Arizona issued a press release yesterday showcasing reports from KOLD 13 News and Cronkite News that found, after talking with 82 Arizona Delegates to the Democratic National Convention next month, that their support for President Joe Biden is strong. Among the quotes cited in the articles are: “It’s a little different for me … Read more

The Biden/Harris Campaign Releases a New Ad Going After Convicted Trump and Project 2025

David Gordon

The Biden/Harris Campaign has continued its vigorous attack on 34 time convicted, twice impeached, traitor and sexual assaulter Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ Trump’s MAGA policy blueprint, the Heritage Foundation version of Mein Kampf and The Handmaids Tale, Project 2025 by releasing several social media posts including a new ad. In the new ad, … Read more

Jette Cruelly Exploits Family Grief for Political Gain

Michael Bryan

A TV ad by fake Democrat Mike Jette manipulates the family of murder victim 17-year-old Isaac Benitez to lie about the facts of the case and, hideously, to harness it for an attack on County Attorney Laura Conover. The ad omits that the teen was killed while selling a gun, and that he was not … Read more

AZDLCC Co-Chair Priya Sundareshan Discusses the Stakes in the 2024 Elections at the DLCC Summer of the States Press Conference

David Gordon

Yesterday (July 10, 2024,) the national Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC,) hosted by the organization’s President Heather Williams, convened its first ever DLCC Summer of the States Press Conference. Please click here if you would like to watch the whole event. Please click here to access the Summer of the States website. The DLCC and … Read more

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