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Trump’s Relentless Farting Stinks Up New York Courtroom

Larry Bodine

“Stinky Don’s” constant farting is making lawyers and jurors wince in the Criminal Courts courtroom in Lower Manhattan. You read it here first. This is a story that the mainstream media won’t touch, even with a gas mask. “Several reporters told me while he slept, he would fart loudly. And then grunt and move,” said … Read more

Oust the GOP Commies Who Voted Against Ukraine

Larry Bodine

It’s time for Arizona voters to overthrow Arizona’s cabal of Putin sympathizers in Congress who voted against Ukraine defense funding. Instead, they supported Communist Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s murderous invasion of the eastern European country. The Republican Bolsheviks voted against the Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, H.R. 8035, in the House of Representatives on April … Read more

With Spring here and Summer Fast Approaching, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Stresses the Need to Stay Safe Around Pool Areas

David Gordon

When Blog for Arizona interviewed Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego in July 2022, expressed her regret that she and the city had not done enough to communicate the need to be safe around pool areas to prevent child drownings, saying “One drowning is too many. The goal is to have zero.” This year, with spring here … Read more
Democratic Legislator’s Reaction to MAGA House Republican Members Again Blocking Repeal of the Civil War Era Abortion Ban

Arizona Teachers and Education Activists Launch Educators for Biden/Harris

David Gordon

Following the call from First Lady Dr. Jill Biden at a Minnesota Teachers-Education event, (please click here to watch; the First Lady starts to speak at about 32:20,) Arizona instructors and pro-public school activists gathered at the Arizona Education Association (AEA) offices in Phoenix to help launch Educators for Biden/Harris. Speaking at the event, Legislative … Read more

Meet the “Man” Who Helped Lead the Way to Passing the 1864 Civil War Era Abortion Ban

David Gordon

If William Claude Jones were alive today, he would undoubtedly be in jail for pedophilia and statutory rape. Unfortunately for history and Arizona’s women today, this “man,” a person who had wives aged 12, 14, and 15 while moving westward for political advancement and, in the case of the 12-year-old bride, running away from the … Read more

#LyingLoserLake Nailed on Abortion Flip-Flop at Tucson Rally

Michael Bryan

Kari Lake made an appearance in Tucson last Friday, where she was repeatedly questioned about her repudiation of the 1864 abortion ban and softening position on abortion in Arizona. MSNBC and others picked up clips from the event. Alex Wagner especially took Kari to task with her clip that included questioning from ‘supporters’: You might … Read more

CD3 US House Candidate Yassamin Ansari Plan to Protect Reproductive Rights and Women’s Health Care

David Gordon

On April 16, 2024, House Congressional District Three Candidate and former Phoenix Councilperson and Vice Mayor Yassamin Ansari released a plan on how she would champion Reproductive Rights and Women’s Health Care if elected to the House of Representatives. Ms. Ansari has been a passionate advocate for women’s reproductive freedom, especially since the Arizona Supreme … Read more

Conor O’Callaghan Campaign Releases New Ad Defending Women’s Reproductive Freedom and Health Care

David Gordon

Scottsdale Resident Shea Najafi is the star of a new Conor O’Callaghan Campaign Ad, called “Protect Women,” that highlights the House Candidates commitment to women’s reproductive freedom and health care. Please click below to watch. Conor O’Callaghan is one of the Democratic House Congressional Candidates vying to win the CD One primary and face endangered … Read more

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