A better segment on Wisconsin on Fox than any article in the Star?

by David Safier

This took me by surpise. I know Shepherd Smith, who has a midday show on Fox News, is a reasonably honest broker. I occasionally watch him for a few minutes when I'm channel surfing and find myself impressed by his rationality and grasp of the issues. But this four minute segment in which he says the Wisconsin showdown is purely political union busting is amazing, in a good way. I haven't watched enough CNN to know if they've nailed it as well as Shep does here, but I certainly don't remember reading anything this clear in the Star.

It's worth a watch just to realize the Fox monolith isn't completely monolithic, though you gotta wonder if Smith's Fox days are numbered. It's also worth wathcing to see Juan Williams substantially agree with Smith, then take a few baby steps to the right toward the end of the segment.


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