A few principled conservatives?

by David Safier

Yesterday I wrote that newly elected AZ Republican congresspeople David Schweikert, Paul Gosar and Ben Quayle should refuse that socialized health care they complained about on the campaign trail but get as members of Congress. According to a DNC press release, some newly elected Republicans are doing just that.

When Rep.-elect Andy Harris (R-Md.) complained at a meeting of newly-elected lawmakers about his healthcare coverage, liberal groups had pounced. His words prompted some other newly-elected GOP members to decline the government-run plan.

If Schweikert, Gosar and Quayle are among the decliners, I hope someone will let me know so I can correct the record. But if they're taking their free, government run health care, they need to explain why it's just fine for them but terrbible for the folks back home.

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