A student’s words to her teacher


by David Safier

h/t to Three Sonorans for reproducing this tribute to Curtis Acosta, one of the teachers in the now-dismantled MAS program, from student Julianna Leon. Even if you were never a teacher, try to put on your teacher eyes and teacher ears when you read this so you can appreciate it fully. There's as much to learn from what you hear behind the words as what you see in the words.

547685_361974110534076_100001644714745_940406_1803416478_n-240x320“Leaving Acosta’s classroom was leaving behind a chunk of my beautifully imperfect life. Bitter sweet words from Acosta, saying I humble him? People like him shape who I am. I grew to love like I never thought I would. I grew to use my brain like I never thought I would. Defying stereotypes, adapting and overcoming, and appreciating to the fullest. I will see you around “Curtis” (: And even though he flipped you off during a talking circle, thanks for being the one teacher in this school that appreciates and understands my Tupac shirt ;D haha”