A Vote for Fred DuVal Is a Vote for Integrity (video)

Fred DuVal

It’s no secret that the Koch Brothers and other dark money, out-of-state donors have spent millions to buy offices for Tea Party Republican candidates in Arizona this year.

The struggle for control of our state is a David and Goliath epic. David– armed with citizen volunteers knocking on doors, making phone calls, blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, and digging deep to donate– faces the giant Goliath– armed with an arsenal of clever lies, disgusting commercials, and seemingly limitless amounts of cash from corporate donors.

Who are you going to believe? Your friends and neighbors who are working to make Arizona a better place for all of us. Or big corporations who buy candidates in order to take over our government.

If dark money wins in Arizona and other states, citizens lose.


  1. Is he telling the hispanic community how he will protect immigrants from arpaios storm troopers? To give them a reason to vote democrat? They are the partys future not old white rural conservative democrats who won’t vote for a liberal anyway.

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