Aboud Says No to Guns in Schools


by David Safier

Usually, the headline of this post would be as obvious as “Aboud Supports Napolitano.” But Democratic State Senator Paula Aboud was quoted in an earlier article saying she thought, maybe it was OK for teachers to carry guns, but not students.

Aboud wrote an op ed in today’s Star (Guns would add fear, not safety, to classroom) stating that she is against guns in schools, period. She writes that she listened to three TUSD teachers arguing with Sen. Karen Johnson, the author of the bill. “In the end, neither side changed its position. But I was changed.”

I am going to give Aboud the benefit of the doubt and accept that this is a heartfelt change in her position. She is in a safe, Democratic seat. Unless she expects a strong Democratic primary opponent who might make her eat her earlier words, she doesn’t have to sweat reelection.

Other factors may have played a role in the change – I don’t pretend to know how to play three dimensional political chess – but, whatever the reasons, I’m pleased with her new position.

You might want to read what she, and the teachers, have to say.


  1. This is why I came down HARD on the Campus Police Chiefs for letting things get this far;(having citizens arm themselves on Campus,because of the inabilty of The Campus Police to Act on a Plan); I have to agree with Aboud concerning having Guns on Campus because Campus Police are impotent!

  2. And that, aw88, is why you don’t want someone like me armed. I felt my right hand reaching for my holster when I read your post. Thank God I wasn’t packing heat!

  3. oh, god, I just re-read my post… I am starting to sound like Dwight…… someone find a teacher with a gun and shoot me now! 🙂

  4. did that debate change her mind alone, or was it the fact that I let it be known that I thought she needed to be knocked off in the primary? I had specific conversations with two legislators about it, and post my feelings on this blog as well as my own.

    She never even responded to my e-mail questioning her stance.