Abstinence funding question cleared up

by David Safier
I was trying to figure out the other day if Napolitano actually refused abstinence education funding, since articles about Brewer restarting the program talked about a continuation. Howard Fischer cleared the whole thing up.

Programs for teens had continued with leftover funds, but another program "to promote abstinence in youngsters in grades six through 12" was stopped, even though there were funds to continue it.

Another question cleared up: though the state has to kick in matching funds to get the federal dollars, the money has been picked up by private groups, so it doesn't come out of education coffers.

None of this, however, deals with the central issue. Does abstinence education which doesn't include valid information about contraception help students? Most studies indicate it doesn't. So "free to the state" is still a bad price if the product is defective.

0 responses to “Abstinence funding question cleared up

  1. Oh come on. The GOP embraced, as a darling, last fall the very example of failure of this policy…Bristol Palin.

    They also have no issues increased welfare spending, they just say “Don’t spend”

    You cannot understand the GOP’s policies on children until you understand their basic tenet: that children only count until they’re born.

    After that, they’re on their own.

  2. Not only does “abstinence only” education not prevent pregnancy, but it places where it is rampant tend to have higher teen pregnancy rates.
    If you figure that teen mothers are more likely to need government assistance, that “free money” basically means putting more single mothers on welfare long term. While I can believe the GOP are this stupid, I still have to pinch myself sometimes.