Adopt a pig at Pima Animal Care Center

Adoptable pig, yet to be named

Adoptable pig, presently called “B.B”


This just in from Pima County Communications:


One of Pima Animal Care Center’s more unusual intakes – a potbellied pig. This 133-pound fellow had a run-in with a dog out near Three Points and was rescued by an Animal Care Officer Dec. 28.

So far, no owner has claimed him and he’s been placed up for adoption. PACC staff estimate he is about 5 years old, appears to be housebroken, is neutered, walks on a leash and is fairly affectionate. Pigs of his breed will live between 10 and 15 years, so he is full-grown and relatively young.

PACC doesn’t turn away any animal brought to its doors and while most animals brought to PACC are dogs and cats, the occasional rodent, reptile or bird are dropped off or rescued. PACC tries to save every animal and find it a new, loving home.

B.B., as the PACC staff are calling their porcine charge, is a little more difficult to find a home for.

Small pigs require special diets and care; therefore PACC is hoping an experienced pig owner will adopt him. PACC had to make special accommodations for B.B. but as it does with dogs and cats, PACC plans to care for B.B. as long he remains healthy and adoptable until he finds a new home.

His adoption fee is $30 and PACC will microchip him if the new owner wishes.

For more information about B.B., contact PACC’s live release manager Justin Gallick, (520) 724-5929, or

Call PACC if this is your lost pig, or consider an unusual pet adoption for 2015. One of my son’s friends once owned a boa constrictor, so I’ve seen unusual pets. Happy New Year.

UPDATE:  Sounds like “B.B” has found a new home for the new year. See comments below.

7 responses to “Adopt a pig at Pima Animal Care Center

  1. It’s a noble work for the animals.

  2. Hooray. BB is now Frodo and has a home!

  3. Are you sure that’s not Isabel?

  4. Update from Pima County Communications: “As word spread today, a family with experience raising potbellied pigs called and offered to adopt him. They are expected to pick him up Friday”.

  5. It looks like BB has found an new home. A family that has other pigs called and offered to adopt BB. Don’t ya just love happy endings?

    • Carolyn Classen

      Yes, sounds like “BB” has found a new home for the New Year. Good job everyone who helped adopt this pig, certainly not Isabel.