Adrian Fontes Releases His First General Election Ad

The Adrian Fontes for Secretary of State Campaign released its first general election campaign ad.

In the 30-second segment, Mr. Fontes quickly points out his background as a Marine, former Maricopa County Recorder, and a Native Arizonan.

He then reminds the viewers of the great patriotism and pioneering spirit (with pictures of noted Arizonans like Barry Goldwater, Rose Mofford, and John McCain in the background) of most Grand Canyon state residents, stating:

“As Arizonans, we love our country. We are pioneers, trailblazers, and our independent spirit has left its mark on history.”

Fontes then pivots, shifting the tone and message of the ad to foreboding about what would happen to Arizona and the country if Mark Finchem is elected Secretary of State, saying:

“But some will seek to destroy our legacy. My opponent (with pictures of Mr. Finchem at the Nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021, in the background) is a dangerous extremist who wants to eliminate vote by mail and would overturn legitimate election results.”

Fontes closes by looking into the camera and offering:

“I’m running for Secretary of State to protect Arizona from Extremism.”