Ah, Robert, you dreamer you!

by David Safier
Robert Reich, writing on his TPM blog, says we're in a depression — not as bad as the Great Depression, but not a recession any more.

So what should we do? Spend, spend spend. On the right things.

We should stop worrying about Wall Street. Worry about American workers. Use money to build up Main Street, and the future capacities of our workforce.

Energy independence and a non-carbon economy should be the equivalent of a war mobilization. Hire Americans to weatherize and insulate homes across the land. Don't encourage General Motors or any other auto company to shrink. Use the auto makers' spare capacity to make busses, new wind turbines, and electric cars (why let the Chinese best us on this?). Enlarge public transit systems.

Meanwhile, extend our educational infrastructure. So many young people are out of work that they should be using this time to improve their skills and capacities. Expand community colleges. Enlarge Pell Grants. Extend job-training opportunities to the unemployed, so they can learn new skills while they're collecting unemployment benefits.

Finally, accelerate universal health care.

It works for me.

0 responses to “Ah, Robert, you dreamer you!

  1. sheapenny: Ignorance and bigotry in the same package! Charming.

  2. Geez Sheapenny. I guess we better do something to stop all the Canadians from coming here to get better health care.

    Oh… wait.. I forgot… it’s the other way around. It’s the Americans trying to sneak into Canada to get the Canadian health care. It’s the Canadians who had to put regulations in place to keep Americans from buying their drugs in Canadian pharmacies. It’s the Canadians who put regulations in place to verify citizenship in their hospitals.

    Let me translate it in a way you might understand sheapenny:

    CANADIANS liek theyre SOCIALLLIZZED meedicien!@!!!!

  3. As for Universal Health Care- why have we as American’s asked people in Eastern Europe and Canada and Britain how they like Universal Health Care BEFORE we jump off the cliff.

    My point is that 40 million Americans do not have health insurance because either they are choosing not to buy it or they are out of work(in this case medicare pays the bills) or they are illegal aliens, 260 million Americans have HMO’s and otther insurance that they are quite happy with.

    Why make the 260 million , under force of the Federal Government be a taxpayer responsibility when 40 million seem to be the problem?

    Why not just insure the ones who are NOT insured?

    As for Education ; if we Educated the kids instead of indoctrinated them maybe they would stay in school and not drop out!

    The answer is more Trade Schools for the workers we need in jobs that are the very ones our infastructure needs; we have enough of the Obama’s of the world who got where they are through affirmative action and never worked a day in there life or punched a clock and most cases in the Obama Administration of tax cheats never paid taxes!

  4. Isn’t this kind of… common sense?