Ahead of Convicted, Impeached, Sexual Assaulter Trump’s Rally, First Lady Jill Biden and Others Attack the MAGA-Project 2025 War on Women

First Lady Jill Biden and other Biden/Harris Campaign Surrogates participated in an afternoon press call ahead of a Trump Florida rally (his first event in almost two weeks) to attack the MAGA-Republican war on Women through their court decisions, party platform, and Project Mein Kampf/Handmaids Tale 2025.

Biden/Harris spokesperson Adrienne Elrod started the press call and made the first remarks before introducing the First Lady.

In her comments, Elrod said:

“Yesterday the RNC previewed their 2024 platform which includes significant portions of Donald Trump’s extreme Project 2025 Agenda. We know the dangerous threat Donald Trump and Project 2025 pose to America and especially to women and Reproductive Rights. We are here because right now more than ever it’s so important to talk about how essential Reproductive Rights are. Reproductive Health Care is on the ballot in November.

First Lady Jill Biden spoke next and she reminded everyone that Donald Trump, despite his attempts to moderate his views the last couple of days, was a pathological liar and reproductive freedom nationwide was in jeopardy if he won this November.

In her remarks, she offered:

“Two years ago, the Supreme Court took away women’s constitutional right to make our own health care decisions. Since that time I’ve met women who have been forced to travel across state lines for care. Women whose doctors have told them that they were in medical danger, but not enough to get the abortion care they needed. Mothers who tell me how worried they are that their daughters now have fewer rights than we had and who can’t believe we have to fight for our most basic freedoms all over again. I can’t believe how Donald Trump is trying to tell women he’s a moderate on Reproductive Rights. Does he think we forgot that his Supreme Court Justices killed Roe v Wade and that he brags about it? Does he think we don’t know that he wants to roll back access to contraception and he could jeopardize IVF treatments? Does he think he can pivot away from a career of diminishing and denigrating women?”

Well, women haven’t forgotten and we can’t be fooled. Donald Trump has spent years telling us exactly who he is and we believe him. But here’s the thing about men like Donald Trump. They underestimate the power of women because they don’t understand it. When our lives are on the line. When our country and its freedoms hang in the balance women are immovable and unstoppable. We will decide our future. Women put Joe Biden in the White House and women are going to keep him there.”

Lousiana mother Kaitlyn Joshua spoke next and described the horrors she experienced while miscarrying her second child and doctor’s refusals to care for her for fear they would be prosecuted by state authorities.

In her comments, she relayed:

We know this (what happened to her during her miscarriage) is happening in States across the country because of abortion bans. Physicians simply cannot practice medicine based on their training and expertise. We are simply asking for the most basic level of maternal health care, but because of Donald Trump, we are being denied that basic care. My story speaks to the horrors that Donald Trump unleashed the first time he was let into the Oval Office. Because of him, women like me have suffered but I’m here today because his second Trump presidency would be far more dangerous and it terrifies me. We know Donald Trump has plans to pass abortion Nationwide and that means women in all 50 states would be robbed of their access to basic health care I know what it feels like to live without that and I’m here today to make sure no other woman has to deal with what I went through. That’s why I’m doing everything I can to help President Biden and Vice President Harris traveling across the country and speaking out every chance I get to share my story. The stakes could not be higher than this election. Women’s lives across this whole country are literally on the line. It’s on all of us to step in for this fight. Our lives are freedoms and our futures absolutely depend on it.”

Representative Veronica Escobar from Texas spoke next.

Noting that they are all getting together after Donald Trump disappeared from the campaign trail for the last week and a half, Representative Escobar brought up Project 2025 and Trump trying to hide from it, stating:

“I hope that every reporter on this call has read Project 2025 because if you have you know that it is terrifying. Last week Donald Trump tried to pretend that he had nothing to do with Project 2025 despite the fact that it was written for him by the people who know him best. And yesterday his campaign previewed their RNC platform… It was just as unhinged and extreme As Trump himself. But as usual, they’re trying to hide the ball from the American public… Unfortunately for Team Trump… no matter what they say, we know exactly what Trump is planning to do and he cannot run from what he has already done. Don’t take it from me. Take it from Donald Trump himself. 

He will ban abortion Nationwide. He has talked about the fact that he is proud that he killed Roe v Wade. He calls the resulting abortion bans like the one that nearly killed Kaitlyn ‘A beautiful thing to watch’ and he’s promised to be leading the charge in passing a nationwide ban. Oh and by the way, his allies have said that they trust him to get it done…”

Escobar also reminded those on the call that Trump and his MAGA Minions/Apostates would:

  • Terminate Obamacare.
  • Slash Social Security and Medicare.
  • Raise prices through increased tariffs on working families while cutting taxes for his rich allies.

Pivoting back to Project 2025, she continued:

“We know how dangerous and destructive Trump’s Project 2025 agenda is because we’ve seen what it looks like. I can tell you as a representative in the state of Texas, Texas women have seen what it looks like and in Florida. It’s the same thing MAGA politicians abusing their power… exerting terrifying levels of control over everyday Americans’ daily lives…So with the blessing of Donald J. Trump, (they) have inserted themselves into women’s deeply personal Healthcare decisions…They are endangering Women’s Health and lives just as Caitlyn’s health and her life was jeopardized. (Women) are having to flee the state for medical care or suffer without it? That is the very agenda Donald Trump wants to take Nationwide and what’s even more terrifying is that the conservative justices on the Supreme Court have basically given him the green light to do virtually, whatever he wants. Let me repeat that an unhinged Donald Trump with an extreme and dangerous agenda would have virtually unchecked power if he wins in November… Our job is to make sure every single American understands the choice this November. That’s what this campaign is doing every single day and that’s what we will continue to do.”

CNN commentator and The View Co-Host Ana Navaro spoke last, conveying:

“There are women in so many states that are going through the same things as Caitlyn just shared. And I have my own story. I have a story of a badly misdiagnosed Ectopic pregnancy… Today in Florida. I’m not sure I could get it (treated) because it happened after six weeks… And it worries me that my step granddaughter that my stepdaughters that my daughter-in-laws don’t have the same rights that I will. Nothing infuriates me more than hearing people callously and nonchalantly say well, but they can travel to another state. That requires money. That requires time…It means a woman has to go seek another doctor in another state and not have her bed to lie in after a procedure. It means that she has to take time off from work…she has to find money for transportation and some of these states are thousands of miles (away)…”

About Donald Trump, she said that “Every time that man says he knows nothing about something, he knows everything about it. Just ask Stormy Daniels. Every time he says he doesn’t know anybody, he knows that (person.) He’s pretending and he’s lying. We have seen it time and time again from him…”

“…This is not just about abortion. This is not just about a federal ban on abortion, which is bad enough. It’s about IVF. It’s about treatment. It’s about miscarriages. It’s about access to (healthcare.)It’s about free Freedom. It’s about choices. It’s about women… So come November. We will remember.”

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