AK-47 used to kill police officers in 2010 purchased at Phoenix gun show


by David Safier

If you watch this video, prepare yourself. It shows the shooting of two police officers in Memphis in 2010, taken by the police car's camera. The video is narrated by the former West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert. His son was one of the two officers killed.

According to Paudert, the two men in the car were members of the Sovereign Citizen Movement, a group classified by the FBI as domestic terror threats and anti-government extremists.

The only reason I bring this two year old incident up is that Paudert recently revealed to Ladd Everitt, Director of Communications with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, that the AK-47 used in the murders was purchased from a private seller at a Phoenix gun show. There was no background check.

The murder of Brian Terry with a weapon traced to the Fast and Furious operation was greeted with national outrage and prolonged Congressional hearings. In this incident, two police officers were murdered in the line of duty by a weapon sold at a gun show with no background check. Should these murders, and the way the weapon was obtained, be the source of any less outrage?