While Donald Trump was whining against imaginary enemies and lying about how great a job he has done as President, the words that he may be most remembered for at his sparsely attended June 20, 2020 rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma is:

“You know testing is a double-edged sword. Here’s the bad part … when you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people; you’re going to find more cases. So I said to my people, slow the testing down please.”


The Stable Genius’s team has been spending a lot of the time since the rally conducting damage control, downplaying Mr. Trump’s comments, saying “he was obviously kidding” or “it was made in jest.”

So their defense to the Liar in Chiefs words to people he made to sign a waiver absolving them of responsibility if they get COVID 19 at his event is he was lying.

It obviously has not taken long for Democratic affiliated activists to pounce on the Chief Know Nothing Demagogue’s Remarks.

The American Bridge Political Action Committee has already launched an ad, tying Mr. Trump’s words at the Tulsa Rally to his poor reaction to the Pandemic last winter, saying that the 2016 Popular Vote Loser reacted the way he did for political convenience (not to mention stupidity and callous disregard for lives.) Please view the ad below.


What more will it take to convince all voters in this country that Donald Trump and his enablers in public office are not fit to serve the American People?

Do they really want a person leading them that will slow down testing to see if whether are not they are healthy just so he could look better?

The American People, even those living on Fox Island and the Trump Zone, deserve better than that.

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