An AZ GOP poll

by David Safier
From the Arizona Guardian:

A majority of Arizona voters support a temporary tax increase to rescue the state from its deepening budget crisis, according the results of a statewide poll released Tuesday by the Arizona Republican Party.

About 66 percent of the 607 likely voters surveyed said they would back a 1 percent short-term sales tax increase to save funding for public health programs and K-12 education.

Now, if they can be convinced that a sales tax will cost the average citizen more than reinstating the $250 million property tax and restoring previous income tax levels for the wealthiest Arizonans . . .

0 responses to “An AZ GOP poll

  1. Well, if a poll says so that makes it true hey? I imagine temporary tax increases are now bipartisan.

    I wonder how many points this will bump the 2010 Libertarian Party vote totals?

  2. It’s a start huh? People in Prescott will never learn about these poll results. I predict the extremist editorial board (i.e. the nepotistic winger family in Yuma who owns our paper) will have an editorial tomorrow about how the way to save the state is to cut taxes on the rich even further.