An oldie but a goodie

by David Safier
A January 22 article in the Star talked about Brewer' swearing in as guv. Remember this?

During her inaugural address, Brewer said Arizona will move ahead with its own stimulus program, rather than wait for federal money to trickle down. But she offered no details on what that plan will include.

While we await the details of Brewer's stimulus program, my reaction to her inauguration promise, to quote the guv's favorite group, ABBA, is "Mama Mia!"

0 responses to “An oldie but a goodie

  1. Gratefully Arizona state government has some limits that the US government does not. The US government has basically no limit on its borrowing. The fact that Arizona is limited in how much it can borrow is something everybody should be thankful for.

    No government can tax and spend its way to prosperity.