Thank you, Kelli Ward, Karen Fann, Rusty Bowers, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, Mark Finchem, and all the other Quisling-Q’Anon supporters in the Arizona branch of the former Party of Lincoln.

Your efforts since the November Elections to recreate the party in Donald Duce Trump’s image has, according to reporting by Bree Burkitt from the Courier News, caused the exodus of a little more than 10,000 actual Republicans from the former Party of Lincoln.


To remind the readers, these efforts on the part of Arizona’s Trump Zone-Fox Island-Disinfowar Reactionary Fringe include:

  • Denying the fair and legitimate Presidential election results but not their own. (Just ask Ward.)
  • Encouraging Domestic Terrorists to storm the National Capitol.
  • Censuring members of your own party for no legitimate reason.
  • Introducing voter suppression measures in the State Legislature.
  • Defending a Congresswoman (Marjorie Taylor Greene) who thinks 9/11 did not happen, school shootings were staged, leading Democrats should be executed, and Jewish financed laser beans started the wildfires in California.
  • Threatening to arrest Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Republicans for not complying with the dictatorial demands of the State Senate before a judge renders a decision. 

What sane and self-respecting person wants to be associated with a political party that commits the acts the reactionary alternative reality zealots from the former party of Lincoln has done since November.

A little over 10,000 so far and more will follow if this fringe lunacy continues.

Keep doing what you are doing Kelli, Karen, Rusty, Andy, Paul, Mark, and the rest of the Quisling-Q’Anon supporters in the Arizona Sedition Party.

If Democrats execute a sound strategy, your actions will make Arizona and the rest of the nation bluer in 2022, 2024, and beyond.